The horoscope for Monday, June 6, 2022

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2nd decan, you will receive Mars from tomorrow and you can be sure to experience everything as a challenge, as a competition. With the firm intention of winning. Some will think that they spend their life fighting and this is somewhat true for Aries or for those who are Aries ascendant or who have Mars in the ascendant.


A week that can remain in your annals, 2nd decan. In you, Venus meets Uranus, a typical aspect of love at first sight, or a renewal in your couple. But it can also be a question of money and an unexpected return for some, while others will on the contrary be deducted from a sum.


Happy birthday if you celebrate it this week, the situation is dynamic since you benefit from a harmony of Mars which gives the taste of the conquest. But a romantic or professional conquest? It will be according to your theme and we can say that all the challenges you set yourself will be winners.


2nd decan, Venus will be in tune with you all week and pleasure will be there from this Monday, with a good surprise from Thursday on the money or love side. In conjunction with Uranus, Venus can see you feeling a crush, or receiving an amount that you did not think you would have anytime soon.


You will have strength, will and determination to make your dreams come true, or quite simply a plan for the future if you are from the 2nd decan. If things have changed, and not always in a good way, the wheel is turning and you will probably be able to reinvent yourself. You have several months to do so.


The Moon is with you until Wednesday, and in good aspect with Venus today, which assures you of a day where you will get everything you want, 2nd decan. If you were born around September 2-3 in particular, you could also sign a contract, or commit to something that pays off.


2nd decan, it is your turn from tomorrow to receive the opposition of Mars, but it will be less strong than for the 1st decan. You are just exposing yourself to a refusal. But a refusal which first of all is not definitive, which you may be able to circumvent and on which, therefore, you must absolutely not stop. Be pugnacious.


You are one of those who will be under the spell of Venus in Taurus and therefore, most likely, under the spell of someone who knows how to please you, 2nd decan. That is to say, even if Uranus gives you miseries on the couple side, you will feel that you have attracted someone and this will be flattering for your self-esteem.


The week will be exciting for the 1st and the 2nd decan, the latter receiving from tomorrow dynamic Martian influxes. Take the initiative, you won’t regret it. Challenge yourself, take up those that are offered to you, or give birth to a project that is close to your heart, even a child.


The 1st decan will breathe a sigh of relief, the difficulties encountered will fade away, but Jupiter remains and you still have to restore a situation. That is to say, to find a good image, this one having been damaged by malicious remarks towards you. But it may be your company that has been affected.


2nd decan, you are entering a favorable period for your actions and decisions. With the help of Mars, you will even be inflexible, you will not be able to change your mind. Be careful, you may be found a little too authoritarian at times, especially Wednesday and Thursday when you will find it difficult to control your energies.


A most pleasant and spicy week for the 2nd decan. Well placed, Venus will be joined to Uranus and it is not excluded that a crush falls on you. A relationship that will amuse you a lot. If you are in a relationship, it is thanks to your spouse that you will be surprised: he may have a flashback!

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The horoscope for Monday, June 6, 2022

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