The horoscope for Friday April 22, 2022

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You seem to be a little unmotivated, especially 1st decan. Lacking energy, but maybe you’re on a project and working on it without telling anyone? In any case, the dissonance that settles between Mercury and Saturn advises you not to talk too much, you will be more comfortable to do so from next Thursday.


In your sign, Mercury reaches your 3rd decan, this is not very good news because it will form a dissonance with Saturn which risks slowing you down, even blocking you. You may be unable to move or communicate (sore throat?). The appearance will be exact Sunday and Monday.


You will still receive the influxes of Jupiter until May 10, with the possibility for the better off to obtain an advancement, a change of position or even a transfer. But it is not excluded, according to your theme, that you have a dispute on your hands and that you are obliged to defend yourself against a strong adversary.


Invitations and tender one-on-ones are still on the program, but there can be a surprise effect today, especially in the 2nd decan. It is possible that you will be called at the last moment for a dinner or for a friendly evening and you will not say no because Venus is in good aspect and accentuates your power of seduction.


At the zenith of your theme, Mercury reaches your 3rd decan, which could be positive for your exchanges and other negotiations if it were not in dissonance with Saturn. You will have a hard time getting people to listen to you or have your questions answered. The aspect will be exact Sunday 24 and Monday 25, patience.


3rd decan, if something goes wrong this weekend, if you are prevented from moving around or if nothing goes as you want, don’t worry, it won’t last. Mercury, your master, indeed receives a dissonance from Saturn on Saturday and Sunday, but on Monday Venus will be facing you and will fix your situation.


It is not excluded that you have a dispute to manage with a service provider, an employee, a colleague or even a loved one, 3rd decan. And what annoys you the most is that no one answers you: you send emails, you call and there is no one on the line. It won’t last, as of next week your sky is clearing.


Mercury opposes you, while forming a dissonance with Saturn, if you are from the 3rd decan. You will have the feeling (true or false) that you are being kept at a distance and you yourself will find it difficult to establish connections with your loved ones. This is represented by a Mercury/Saturn dissonance that will end on Wednesday.


Be careful, if you were born in November, because of the dissonance of Mars you risk hurting yourself. It could be a form of punishment because you got mad at someone you love and you know you overdid it, which you shouldn’t have. You subconsciously think you need to be punished!


The Moon is still with you, 2nd decan today and it awakens the good aspect that Uranus sends you. Also, put yourself forward, get noticed, and don’t worry about what other people think of your attitude. After all, you have as much right to exist as anyone else, let it be known.


You will be sensitive to the presence of Mercury in Taurus, in dissonance with Saturn, which is in your 3rd decan. It will last until next Friday, a week, but the aspect will be mostly active tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. Unpleasant memories may come to the surface, or you may be spoken to unkindly.


Very late on the rest of the situation, Venus crosses your 2nd decan until tomorrow, 3rd from Sunday. For the 2nd, everything is going well, life is pleasant and you could even be in love or feel loved. 3rd decan, you unfortunately risk having illusions, believing that you are loved or idealizing someone too much.

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The horoscope for Friday April 22, 2022

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