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To celebrate the hundredth issue of talker, the actor Philippe Caubère takes up the pen to pay homage to a magazine yet far removed from its original political family. He takes the opportunity to recall his love of bullfighting (which should not necessarily delight all our readers) and that he is proud to be a “child of 68″… But after all, the slogan of Causeur is not- he does not “Especially if you don’t agree” ? Philippe Caubère tells you about his Talker years…

I had already greeted talker last summer on the occasion of its “VIVA LA CORRIDA!” “. This beautiful exclamation overhung the extraordinary photo of a matador defying the most beautiful and most furious of bulls fighter preparing to charge it.

I took the opportunity to say again how much I suffered from seeing my political family gradually abandoning the right – even its extreme, since that is how left-wing journalists define and characterize this newspaper – everything close to my heart and gives meaning to my life: the role of art, bullfighting or not, as remission of all our sins, the question of mores and sexuality in its sole anarchy, and hence the whole world of complex and contradictory ideas.

Except that, as for talker, I do not agree: conservative he is, no doubt; certainly on the right, without mask or disguise; too much, for my taste, would be an understatement. But extreme, no. This is a lie. That I believe is motivated first by the professional jealousy that these newspapers, stuck in their reactionary drift, encysted in their eternal and indestructible superiority complex, experience against the indisputable success of this one.

If there is one word in life that is more precious to me than any other, it is freedom. I am a child of 68. I will never deny this revolution, true, historic, marvelous – no offense to Talker – because without death and turned towards the future, which saved my life, encysted as I was myself in the appalling inferiority complex to which the right-wing and puritanical education inflicted by my mother condemned me. Peace to his ashes, I do not hold a grudge against him, knowing well that education, whatever it is, can only be a failure.

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“School is death”, wrote André Suarès, this first prize in the 16-year-old general competition, this extraordinary normalien, this prophetic philosopher, this immense writer. From this catastrophic education in so many respects, I was able to make a joyful and spirited comedy, lasting three hours all the same, Devil’s Dancebefore another, of thirty-three hours this one, An actor’s novelfollowed by another, six o’clock this time, The dancing man. They have, the four, enlightened my life as a man and as an actor, as if enchanting and delighting tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of spectators.

I have, it is true, reported and put forward only what was generous, intelligent and far-sighted in this education — I am thinking of those disputes which led us to the brink of crime about Alexander Solzhenitsyn… Is – it is out of loyalty to its spirit, which is so brilliant, so unconventional, to its humor as well as to its sense of tragedy, its charm, finally, absolute, that I would feel the urge to pay homage to a newspaper which, I find, looks a bit like?

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After all, it is possible. And why not. But no, it’s more than that. Whatever my repulsion sometimes in front of these front pages displaying the face of Madame Le Pen, – fewer than those of Release, but still ! –, I know that I will be able to read the unique, brilliant and free words of Frédéric Ferney, Yannis Ezziadi, Peggy Sastre, Alain Finkielkraut, Pascal Bruckner, Morgan Sportès, Basile de Koch, Boualem Sansal, and so many others !

Like those, of course, of Élisabeth Lévy, for whom, beyond the admiration she inspires in me, I feel esteem and affection – she is for me the reincarnation of my poor adored sister, Isabelle, this genius actress, who would yell at me if she could read this tribute. How wrong she would be too! Fair winds to talkera kiss to Élisabeth and go to 200and !

April 2022 - Talker #100

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