Mercury retrograde in Capricorn for the New Year and until January 19, 2023: here are its effects – Elle

Published on December 20, 2022 at 11:25 am

As we go into good resolutions and party favors mode, retrograde Mercury is making a comeback. The transition to the year 2023 may be more complicated than expected. Here’s why !

Red alert. It’s time to ring the alarm bells and start reordering your priorities. If generally, the New Year is a festive period where we are led to make good resolutions, it would seem that the transition to 2023 is more complex than expected. For good reason, it’s the big comeback of Mercury retrograde, our favorite planetary movement! Why do we love it so much? Simply because it is synonymous with chaos and drama. The fact that several times a year the planet of communication sows discord in our lives gives us intense joy: one, because it gives us a good excuse to say “it’s not me, it’s Mercury retro” . Two, because a life without twists is a life without flavor. Three, because Mercury retrograde is not a period to be afraid of, quite the contrary. Small survival guide to understand everything.

What is Mercury retrograde?

First of all, let’s start from the beginning. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and intellect. It’s a bit like the messenger of the stars, the one who helps us to make ourselves heard and to understand others. More or less three times a year, or every 88 days, the star changes direction. It enters orbit, gives the impression of turning around in the sky or continuing its course backwards. What cause some inconvenience. If on social networks, the SOS Mercury retrograde is a constant source of inspiration for memes, in fact, expect an anthology of surprises.

Return of ex, misunderstandings, omissions, loss of objects or bad recording of a file. Mercury retrograde is messing up our daily lives. It can be destabilizing. Such a phenomenon seems frightening, it can be scary and yet… Many astrologers make the same observation: we must see Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to evolve. By confronting us with sometimes complex situations, the planet of communication invites us to revisit areas of our lives in which our bases are not solid enough. It is therefore an intense period during which it is advisable to take your time to ask the right questions. In short, the sky calls us to order by offering us a short period of introspection.

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How long is Mercury retrograde?

A recurring phenomenon in the sky, Mercury retrograde is often considered to last for a month. Problem: the dates stated each time are often misleading. Yes, Mercury retrograde begins much earlier than expected. Worse, the period of trouble ends later than you are told. It is the very principle of the shadow zone. In reality, this period of retrograde Mercury begins around December 15, 2022 and will end around January 30, 2023. Are you exhausted in advance? U.S. too ! In fact, the planet takes about two weeks before and after to change course. During this additional month, the effects of Mercury retrograde would be more intense. It’s a bit of a first test to assess our skills, then a final check to see if we’ve learned our lessons well. Beware of bad students, the note may be steep for those who have not done their cosmic homework well.

What are the effects of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn?

To understand the impact that planetary movements can have, you have to look at what their effects are and especially in what sign it takes place. From December 30, 2022 to January 19, 2023, Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn. A picky, hardworking, and serious Earth sign. More than your organization, this period will therefore come to question you about your career and your progress. In their book, “Mercury Retrograde – A Practical Guide to Turning Chaos to Your Advantage,” astrologers Yasmin Boland and Kim Farnell say, “When Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn, we all start thinking more about how to achieve our goals. Do you need to reaffirm your commitment to a goal and/or reorient yourself? Now is the time to come up with a plan. »

More concretely, in the coming weeks, it is a question of sorting out, of drawing up a concrete assessment, in order to know how to secure our future. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is here to bring us back down to earth after a magical period of excitement. Everything that relates to work, our balance between professional and personal life, our career and our desires in this regard is challenged. This is not the time to make radical decisions, simply to make a precise observation. Where are we ? Are we moving in the right direction? Are we in agreement with our actions? It is a time to reflect and open your mind to new opportunities. Other paths can be taken, other solutions exist. Mercury retrograde is just there to emphasize it all.

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Mercury retrograde in Capricorn for the New Year and until January 19, 2023: here are its effects – Elle

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