Lucky plant according to the astrological sign: discover your luck in herbalism!

Are you curious about the signs of the zodiac? Do you also like taking care of plants? Well, it’s your lucky day, because we’re going to associate astrology with plants! The DeaVita team has selected plants whose characteristics are similar to those of your zodiac signs. Not only do they reflect your greatest characteristics, but they are astronomically linked to you. So if you wanted to start caring for a plant, now is the time to do it. Not only will your bond be stronger, but she will flourish and prosper in your presence. Here then is the lucky plant for each sign of the zodiac!

Discover your lucky plant according to the astrological sign!

Astrology has always been interesting to study and explore. For many centuries people have relied on the stars and lived their lives accordingly. Was it just stupid superstition or real life magic? Or maybe something more? Astrology never died and love for the stars has only grown over the past few decades.

Plant according to the astrological sign

Today, there are trends for everything related to astrology, such as: the astrological manicure and even the zodiac sign makeup ! Plants have also played an important role in people’s lives. They are known to possess magical properties, such as hellebores with magical characteristics for example. Some can help to love, others to bring good luck and to heal. DeaVita has done extensive research and compiled a list of lucky plants according to astrological signs!

Aries: lucky plant astrological sign

succulent ram sign plant

Aries is a bold and fearless sign. He’s tough and can pick himself up quickly and move on. What is good about him is that he is very passionate and his love is constant. The succulents are very sturdy and can hold a lot of things, just like Aries. They also serve as protectors of the house. So having a succulent in your living space can help destroy bad energy.


Lucky plant to offer Bromeliad Taurus

Let’s put aside stereotypes about Taurus (like being lazy and gluttonous) and talk about their qualities. Taurus are very intelligent, reliable and affectionate. They work hard and can be very stubborn at times. Taurus’ lucky plant is none other than the magnificent bromeliad. This flower serves as a protector and is believed to bring money and luck!


gemini lavender

In general, this sign is very extroverted and can act on impulses. He is very pleasant to work with and can enchant with his passion and thirst for knowledge. The best herb for this zodiac sign is lavender. Lavender has healing and calming qualities. To cure pain, heartache, lift your spirits and give you amazing sleep, put dried lavender in a sachet. You can put it under your pillow or take it with you.


daisy cancer

Cancers are very sensitive and compassionate, nurturing and loving. They are one of the most delicate zodiac signs, so the daisy is the perfect flower for them! Put it in your home to feel safe and attract love, warmth and happiness to soothe your heart.


borage lion

Leos are natural leaders and are very good at making decisions. They are very respectful of boundaries, generous and have big hearts. Its perfect vegetable twin is borage. For centuries, it has been used to boost your energy, give you more courage and help you develop your psychic abilities.


virgin aster

You already know that one of the most compassionate zodiac signs is none other than Virgo. They are very practical when it comes to making life-changing decisions and know when to be humble. They have a big heart and are always ready to help. The best flower for Virgo is the aster. It is said to be the sacred flower of Aphrodite which attracts and nurtures love.

Libra: lucky plant

Libra Orchid

Libras only want love, peace, and harmony in their lives. They strive to achieve this much-desired balance, but sometimes struggle. To help you on your way, start caring for an orchid. This flower will be your ideal companion, because it will teach you patience. There are about 26,000 species of orchids and each of them can be of great help to you. In general, orchids are the embodiment of harmony, intuition, divine energy and elegance.


scorpio pink

Scorpio is certainly the most controversial sign of the zodiac! Their passion can occasionally overflow, as they are fierce and bold. However, they excel at being very mysterious. The red rose perfectly reflects their character, because it represents passion and love. Carrying even a dried rose petal in your pocket every day will bring you great luck!


Plant zodiac sign Sagittarius dandelion

Sagittarius is a very autonomous sign. He is intelligent and confident and can be very compassionate. However, his frankness can sometimes bother him! Dandelions are sacred to the goddess Hecate. They can help you with creativity, writer’s block, courage, and purification.


Lucky plant in the house dracæna sanderiana capricorn

The most goal-oriented, ambitious and organized sign is Capricorn! They can’t sleep well if they don’t know they’ve done their job perfectly! The Dracæna Sanderiana, known as the lucky bamboo, is the best plant to accompany you in your work and your daily life.


Pothos plant Aquarius lucky charm plant

Aquarius is calm, but active. He is sensitive, but knows how to control his emotions very well. He has many disadvantages like other signs, but his thirst for knowledge is stimulating and can influence others to be intellectually curious as well. Pothos, or devil’s ivy, is an amazing plant that has great properties like protection, resilience, and forgiveness.

Fish: which lucky plant

fish algae

Pisces are very aware of their emotions, graceful and sensitive. They are considered the friendliest of the zodiac signs. Their compassion is limitless and can sometimes be their biggest flaw. Seaweed can seem like an odd choice and once you take it out of the water, it dries up. However, for many centuries people have kept seaweed in their homes for health, love and good fortune!

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Lucky plant according to the astrological sign: discover your luck in herbalism!

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