Leo Weekly Horoscope

Native of Leo, can you guess what this new week has in store for you? From this Monday until next Sunday, in all areas of your love, personal or professional life, here are your weekly forecasts specially deciphered according to your zodiac sign, dear Leo.

Leo weekly horoscope from September 26 to October 2, 2022

Love & Dating

Your thirst for the absolute sometimes makes you intrusive. You ardently wish to know everything about your partner, to the point of denying him the right to any secret garden. If you came across a diary dated from the last century, you would read it, without hesitation… You must beware of the vampiric influence of Pluto. That you have on your side confessed everything to the other does not change the matter. You are wrong to feel threatened by these harmless memory chests. Who says mysterious does not necessarily say guilty.

Money & work

Money horoscope

This week, money is at the heart of your thoughts, especially for Virgo ascendants, which prevents you from being serene. You are afraid of running out, and that worries you a lot. You are thrifty and save, limit a little too much. Yet, thanks to your ability to manage your budget intelligently, your financial situation is doing quite well, even without being extraordinary. Don’t worry so much about the money. This is not the only criterion of happiness, take advantage of your other sources of joy!

Health & Fitness

health horoscope

Iron health this week, especially for people in the second and last decan! You will escape the diseases that will spread around you. You will owe this to your top diet and your quality of sleep. If you are a native of the first decan, you might have a little sore throat. Don’t panic, it shouldn’t go any further. While waiting for this to pass, do not hesitate to drink thyme infusions and eat honey, this will boost your immune defences.

Family & Friends

family horoscope

A rather hectic week is ahead for your immediate family. Your ironclad candor might offend some. It will be better to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking! Especially if you are a Gemini ascendant. Although upset at first, your siblings will eventually thank you for your honesty. Finally, sympathy will come back even more! It will announce the end of all these hostilities. Smile!

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Watch out, dear Sparkling Lion! Even if you are often all fired up, your weekly horoscope should not be the pretext that sets fire to the powder. If you have to make a decision, also base it on rational criteria, the stars will only serve you better then in your success… We wish all the natives of Leo a week full of positive emotions!

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Leo Weekly Horoscope

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