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It would seem that the faculty of this new season of the star Academy is not complete. While she was happy to teach students, Aria Crescendo was dropped from the program at the last minute. This Monday, November 7, this yoga teacher reacted to her ousting on her Instagram account.

The disappointment is immense. For this new season of Star Academywhich began on October 15, production has completely reinvented the faculty. For nearly a month, Yanis MarshallLaure Ballon, Brauer’s Stone and Adeline Toniutti provide advice to new tenants of the Dammarie-les-Lys castle. A chance that Aria Crescendo did not have. While she was happy to join the adventure, this yoga teacher saw sa participation canceled at the last minute. Disappointed with this change, the young mother took to her Instagram account to reveal the reason for her absence, this Monday, November 7. For reasons beyond my control, my visit to Star Academy is canceled. I don’t know if it’s happened in your life to have projects that are important to you, and that in the end it doesn’t happen or that at the last minute, someone else replaces you ?”, she wrote. Before adding with some emotion:It’s not easy to manage when emotionally you make plans and at the last minute everything has to change.”

Throughout this publication, the one who has already taught this discipline to the Academicians in 2005 and 2006 gave herself up with an open heart to the difficulty of her profession. “This environment has always shown me that no matter your talent or your passion or your pace of work or your discipline, nothing is ever acquired…”, she continued in the long message published in the caption of a video on which Internet users were able to discover her multiplying yoga poses. Despite this twist, Aria Crescendo does her best to put things into perspective estimating that another project could see the light of day in the months to come. “Everything has a purpose! When one door closes, ten more opportunities open up to you. You just have to see them and for that, keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing.”, she concluded with a certain philosophy. For now, Star Academy production did not react to this announcement.

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Star Academy: who is the highest paid teacher?

Teaching at Star Academy has a price. By agreeing to teach Julian, Leah et cie, the teachers signed very juicy, even fabulous contracts. However, faculty members are not in the same boat. The magazine Audience, released on October 28, listed the salaries of Star Ac’ teachers: unsurprisingly, it is Michael Goldman, directorwho wins the jackpot with €5,000 per week, therefore 30,000 euros for the entire season.

Yanis Marshall is the highest paid teacher: as he himself explained, he has two hats on the show. By being at the same time dance teacher and bounty choreographerso it will touch 18,000 euros over the season. Far behind, come Laure Ballon, stage expression teacher, Adeline Toniutti, the singing teacherand Lucie Bernardoni, coach and ex-tenant of the castle with 6,000 euros per head for the 6-week program. Marlene Schaffsecond repeater, but less familiar to viewers will win “that” 4,800 euros per month. And finally, Pierre de Brauer, the discreet theater teacher will receive 600 euros per weekor 3,600 euros per month.

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Star Academy: a teacher fired at the last minute – Gala

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