Here are the 5 important dates in astrology this year

Each year, the planets change position having an influence on each Zodiac sign. In 2022 we will again be able to observe movements of stars that are interesting in astrology. On the menu: Full Moons, New Moons, a total eclipse or even retrograde planets. Discover the 5 important dates to remember in 2022.

Lucky on February 18, 2022

It is a good day to seize opportunities. Thanks to Jupiter, planet of luck, which forms a sextile with Uranus, the opportunities will rain. It’s a day when our instincts are very developed and we know what will work next. As well enjoy !

However, be careful not to rush. The position of Saturn and Mercury gives us surges of freedom that are difficult to tame. We may feel the need to break down all barriers, structures and obligations. The way of communicating can also be explosive. It is therefore important to put water in your wine.

Passionate Love March 6, 2022

In March, there is love in the air… but also sparks. Mars and Venus are in perfect conjunction, which means that these two planets are very close and join forces. Result: there is passion in the air! Love and dynamism as well as action will be part of our daily lives. This is an aspect that favors love at first sight and passion. Be careful though, if love comes to the fore, the climate is also conducive to tension… The moon gets involved and risks making things worse. It is difficult to control our emotions: we can be abrupt, impatient and make hasty decisions. Falling in love is great, but be careful not to get too carried away!

Generosity on April 12, 2022

Jupiter and Neptune are particularly close on this day. Generosity and good humor will be on the program thanks to this conjunction. A real openness to the world is taking place. The good mood is palpable and we agree with our ideals.

Thanks to Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of love, it is also an excellent day to have harmonious exchanges in love. It’s time to enter into a game of seduction if we have someone in mind or to add a touch of romance to a love story.

Big changes on May 3, 2022

Pluto promises to upset our day of May 3, 2022. Indeed many planets are connected to Pluto, a planet that often affects the collective and causes big changes. On the program many unexpected transformations including a passion that could change the way we see love.

The major changes made on May 3, 2022 could have a long-term impact. It is therefore time to give ourselves the means to make changes to our daily lives.

Mercury retrograde in 2022

Those interested in astrology often dread periods when Mercury retrograde. These are three times in the year when the planet of communication seems to operate in slow motion. Result: it can create blockages on a daily basis. This is the period when misunderstandings accumulate, there are transport delays and it is strongly advised not to sign contracts during this period. Note in the diaries therefore: the periods from January 15 to February 5, 2022, from May 11 to June 4, 2022 and from September 11 to October 3.

During these moments, we favor reflection and hindsight. These are also good dates for resuming an activity that you loved or re-contacting people you have lost sight of.

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Here are the 5 important dates in astrology this year

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