Full moon of January 7, 2023: what impact on your astrological sign?

Full moon of January 7, 2023: what impact on the astrological signs? Getty Images

The first full moon of the year will occur on January 7, 2023. What impact will it have on each astrological sign? Here is all you need to know.

Full moon January 7, 2023: what does it mean?

The full moon is symbolized by a quasi-alignment of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. This explains the total illumination of this star, giving it a perfect roundness. Unlike the new moon, the full moon does not occur at the beginning of the lunar cycle. It occurs on the 14th day of the latter, at the apogee of the star, right in the middle of the cycle. The full moon on January 7, 2023 will occur when the sun in Capricorn opposes the moon in the sign of Cancer.

The impact of the full moon of January 7, 2023 on the astrological signs

The effects of the January 2023 full moon on the element of fire

For fire signs, the full moon on January 7, 2023 will be the trigger for new realizations. The fire signs, i.e. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, will move forward, with more strength and energy than usual. If the month of January lends itself to new adventures, they will be determined to take the plunge. Aries will nevertheless manage to find the right balance between his personal and professional life. the Lion, meanwhile, will turn out to be more caring. He will gladly welcome any change, especially in love. Sagittarius will not hesitate to dive headlong into a new epic.

Full Moon January 2023 for Earth Signs

Earth signs, i.e. the Bull, Virgo and Capricorn, may have a surplus of vitality making them confusing. Sociable, they will tend to increase their human relationships during this period. Taurus will also focus on their professional achievement, just like Virgo, putting work before any other task. Conversely, Capricorns will tend to soften somewhat in the business world. For all three, loneliness will cause deep discomfort during this time.

The consequences of the January 2023 full moon for the air signs

Under the effect of the new moon, for the elements of the air, fantasy will be in full swing. Emotion and excitability will peak, however, not interfering with the implementation of new ideas. Gemini will prove to be very successful in business. Libra will devote themselves to creating real harmony around them. Aquarius will not hesitate to climb the peaks and to undertake, while needing to preserve a certain outlet.

January 2023 water signs and full moon

Finally, water signs will feel more vulnerable. They will let their fears and complexes explode more, and will then not particularly want to undertake new important missions. For Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces, the nerves will be strained. However, Cancerians will be able to find peace in their close circle and in the support of those around them. Scorpios will find it difficult to channel themselves and come to terms with their feelings. Meditation might help them. Pisces, on the other hand, will find rest and peace in the heart of nature.

Generally speaking, the full moon of January 7, 2023 will dispose the astrological signs to sentimentality. With her, a wind of tenderness will float in the air, while still being associated with a part of nostalgia. This full moon will therefore be synonymous with emotional instability. If some signs take advantage of its new energy to multiply the field of possibilities, others will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed by their sensitivity, immediately resulting in greater vulnerability. In any case, this full moon of January 2023 will have the advantage of bringing people together.

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Full moon of January 7, 2023: what impact on your astrological sign?

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