Here is the zodiac sign that would be the most hated

Spicy, manipulative, unfaithful… Among the twelve signs of the zodiac, some have a particularly bad reputation, as they seem to accumulate faults.

Not all astrological signs attract sympathy. And if there’s one that isn’t often appreciated, it’s Scorpio. This clawed animal would indeed be the most unloved of the Zodiac.

We thus often tend to be wary of these natives, analysis astrocoach Nathalie Marcot. People born between October 23 and November 22 may have “a very pungent side,” which can be scary. This Water sign “does not have its tongue in its pocket and says out loud what it thinks, even if it is aware that its words can cause harm”.

Ruled by Mars, a planet associated with aggression and passion, Scorpio is on the other hand excessive and categorical. With him, “it’s all or nothing, there is no middle ground. Either he loves you or he hates you. It is also ruled by Pluto, a planet that symbolizes the end of things and regeneration.

That’s why it usually has a destructive streak. “He will destroy to better rebuild” and he is known for “torturing his mind because it allows him to feel more alive”, underlines the specialist, recalling however that these are generalities, each individual being the fruit of a mixture of several energies.

Since he doesn’t like to reveal himself, he can also seem secretive. In addition, if he felt hurt, this sign will not hesitate to use his venom. For Scorpio, revenge is indeed a dish best served cold. He will “seek revenge and will not let go, even after years,” says the expert.

closely followed by Gemini

All these characteristics make him a rather dreaded sign. But he is not the only one in this case. Another sign pointed out: Gemini. People born between May 21 and June 21 are indeed described on the downside as being treacherous, double-minded, and manipulative.

Gemini is an Air sign, “the element of communication,” which is ruled by Mercury, a planet that symbolizes exchange, speech, and language. But it is not uncommon for him to use “this verbal fluency to manipulate those around him and convince him that he is always right”, explains the astrocoach.

If this sign does not inspire confidence, whether in love or friendship, it is also because it is perceived as being hypocritical. This prejudice is probably linked to the fact that he “can easily adapt to the people he meets. He is a chameleon”. Finally, we cannot say that he enjoys a very good reputation in terms of marital fidelity.

Gemini like to flit about, foraging from flower to flower. This sign “needs to see if the grass isn’t greener elsewhere,” says the astrology specialist. Again, these descriptions are not to be taken literally. To have a complete and detailed analysis, it is necessary to take into account the ascendant, the Moon, and the other characteristics of the birth chart.

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Here is the zodiac sign that would be the most hated

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