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Is the Rooster, bubbling sign of the Chinese zodiac, easy to live with on a daily basis? We tell you all about the affinities of this astrological sign that deserves to be known!

Tenth sign of the Chinese zodiac, the Rooster has a open and communicative character good to him, which attracts him the sympathy of many people… As long as you don’t dwell on his boastful side ! So what is the compatibility of this chinese zodiac sign so special? Who is truly the Rooster’s soul mate? Here are the particularities of the sign of the Rooster.

What is the character of the Rooster?

The Rooster, like its symbolic animal, is a particularly open person, who has a real gift of communication. Funny, active, talkative and particularly loyal, the natives of the Rooster sign are excellent friends, and are usually very well supported. If these character traits are particularly appreciable, they can quickly become irritating when the Rooster is impatient and boastful. He likes to tell his little and big exploits, and beware of those who do not pay enough attention to them: the Rooster hates being ignored !

Who gets along with the Rooster?

On the affinity side, the Rooster will find his soul mate in the natives of the sign of the Dragonbut it will also form a shock duo with the Rat, with whom he will find his better half. both vain, the Rooster and the Horse don’t mix in the long term, it is therefore best to avoid bringing them both together in the same room! Between the Rooster and the Rabbit, it’s simply war : These two just can’t stand each other.

What is the best Chinese zodiac sign?

Unfortunately, it is accepted that the best sign of the Chinese zodiac is not the Rooster, but the Horse: kind, very intelligent, sociableit would even appear that the natives of this sign are the best lovers whether. The Rooster is certainly a little too self-centered to deserve this title!

How to seduce a Rooster man?

To seduce a Coq man, he will be essential to caress it in the direction of the crest, even to flatter it while remaining subtle. The Rooster needs a lot of attention and recognition!

Which Rooster Are You?

There are several types of Rooster depending on your year of birth.

The Wood Roosterfor example, was born in 1945 or 2005, and is a little too sure of himself, but also tender and energetic when necessary.
The Fire Roosterborn in 1957 or 2017, is particularly loyal: it is therefore possible to trust him with your eyes closed!
The Earth Roosterborn in 1909 or 1969, is a true king of the barnyard: very popular, charming and warm, he turns all heads!
The Golden Rooster, born in 1921 or 1981, is more determined and puts all his energy into work. He is the very embodiment of courage!
Finally, the Water Rooster, born in 1933 or 1993, is a real artichoke heart, as tender as sensitive, who also turns out to be very empathetic.

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Chinese zodiac sign Rooster: the best love compatibilities – X Gossip

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