Astrology: the life of these signs will change in the coming days

By Fostine Carracillo

– Published on Oct 13, 2022 at 06:30

Mercury in Libra is going to have big consequences on these astrological signs. Their life could well change in the next few days.

This Tuesday, October 11, Mercury entered the sign of Libra. This new destination in this Air sign invites the signs of the zodiac to more exchanges with those around them. In effect, Mercury in Libra intends to bring peace and harmony in relationships. In question ? This is the planet of communication. It governs relationships, whether romantic, friendly or professional. However, to accommodate these changes, it is still necessary to take the necessary step back. Remember that the period is opportune to put things flat, gently. Remember to weigh your words before speaking. Back on the straight and narrow after its retrogradation phase, Mercury thus makes it possible to re-establish communication if it has been marked by conflict. Certain signs are, moreover, more marked by these upheavals. In addition to intense conversations, Mercury in Libra will bring them many transformations in the coming days.

The natives of Libra will, of course, be very influenced by this transit of Mercury in their sign. A communication problem? This can be settled in the second part of October. More striking fact: Libras will benefit from a renewed motivation to change their lives. Entrepreneurial adventure, long journey, career change… it’s time to give yourself the means to fulfill your ambitions. The natives of this Air sign are looking for a new balance and thus, a new routine. By giving yourself the possibility of change, the benefits can be great! Gain in wisdom and maturity, financial prosperity and new encounters will be there. Gemini are also more affected in this particular period. Mercury in Libra will teach them to let go and take more time for themselves. The opportunity to focus on personal goals rather than those of others.

Mercury in Libra will bring big changes for these three signs

Being selfish is sometimes good. This radical change in the behavior of Gemini is going to bring them big changes for their future projects. More fulfilled and more attentive to their needs, they will thus progress more quickly in October. Pisces will not be left out. Over the next two days, the natives of this Water sign will be likely to make great transformations in their daily lives. The coming week is indeed the time for action. If some projects were in a phase of stagnation, they will finally find a new impetus. Pisces will also benefit from new career prospects. Give yourself the opportunity to welcome these new features while giving yourself time for reflection. This period can be decisive!

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Astrology: the life of these signs will change in the coming days

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