Astrology: 2 zodiac signs will have a very complicated month of July!

The weather promises to be gloomy for this month of July with A Grip of Mars in Taurus. As much to tell you that the stars will not be lenient with the difficulties to come. Negative effects that will be felt by all the signs of the zodiac, including two in particular. In addition to the concerns and questions that this will generate, these two signs will have to roll up their sleeves in order to fight against the trend and thus come out on top. Everything will be to be expected such as mood swings, blockages and problems of all kinds. As much to tell you that you are not likely to be at the end of your surprises with such a month.

Energy and perseverance will keep you going

The next 31 days will therefore require a lot of effort from you. A difficult period that will require a lot of energy and perseverance. Capricorn being the first sign concerned by this astral upheaval, the projects in which it invests will not necessarily be rewarded. However, he will have invested a lot of time and resources in bringing them to fruition without having the expected results. We must believe that the presence of Mars in Taurus is not really all that is most beneficial for all. However, this zodiac sign will be endowed with the necessary energy to move forward. Being logical and above all, trusting his instincts will undoubtedly allow him to end this month of July without too much damage.

The alignment of the planets is a relatively important parameter in astrology. This is why astrologers predict a particularly difficult month of July for the Capricorn. All this without counting on the fact that Mercury finds itself in Leo. A very contradictory situation with Mars in Taurus. It is therefore ultimately this astrological sign that will bear the brunt of this lack of success. No matter how much he invests, his income will not take off. Especially in the first part of the month. Capricorn will however be able to take advantage of a climate of calm in the second part of the month. Which will certainly not be enough to overcome his grumpy mood and his mood swings.

A bad month for two signs

In any case, Capricorn will not be the only astrological sign to experience this situation badly. We have to believe that July will also not be the month of Aquarius. The first losses he will suffer will of course affect his finances or even more. Consequent shortfalls that will manifest themselves despite the fact that he pays attention to the slightest superfluous expense. Going up the slope will be an obstacle course, but as we said a little earlier in this article, the deluge should not exceed the first two weeks of July. However, it will take time for him to recover.

Climbing the slope is the most important

In summary, the atmosphere will be gloomy for this month of July 2022. This, despite the sun which promises to hit hard in the sky. Rest assured, these negative consequences will only be temporary. You will soon have the opportunity to catch up and in less time than you thought. If ever bad things start to happen, you are at least warned of the attitudes to adopt. Avoid succumbing to stress and always keep your optimism. Sunny days are not far away.

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Astrology: 2 zodiac signs will have a very complicated month of July!

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