Astrological lunations: how to make good use of their energy

It is the most emblematic symbol of the celestial stars. Her feminine and mysterious aura accompanies us every evening without fail. It served as a guide to ancient civilizations and is the natural satellite of our planet Earth. This is clearly the moon, a celestial body that needs no introduction. Here we tell you all about its cycles and how to use them in your life!

Astro: what is a lunation?

A lunation is equivalent to a complete lunar cycle. In the case of our natural satellite, its duration is about 29.5 days. This means that each year there will be thirteen full lunar periods. Each of these cycles is composed of different phases which follow one another without interruption since the beginning of the galaxy in the universe. It appears in the sky, grows, reaches its fullness, diminishes and disappears again and again.

Each phase of the Moon has an energy to harness

We usually know the name of each step of this lunar cycle. But do we know what each of them means?
It is a model that imitates human existence: to be born, to grow, to reach its full and culminating moment and to die.
This cycle can be divided into two parts, one being increasing and the other decreasing. In the period of growth or the “clear fortnight”, the evening star will send an energy of action, favorable to initiation and expansion. In the second part of this cycle, when the Moon begins to wane, it is called the dark fortnight and the energy is more introspective. The end of the cycle and as for it ideal for closing and meditation.

How to take advantage of each stage of the lunar cycle?

The New Moon is the first step. The moon is rising. At this time, it is in astrological conjunction with the Sun, which is why we only see it partially. It is a period conducive to internalization, introspection and observation of the path and the direction to be taken.
During the fourth crescent, the next phase, we should dedicate ourselves to growing our inner world, but also our physical world. Accompany yourself towards wholeness.

And so, walking in its growth, we are going to reach the Full Moon. This stage, from an astronomical point of view, corresponds to the moment when the Moon and the Sun are in opposition. At that time, the energy is very intense, and it is proven to have an effect on our physical body. It’s time to change and make serious decisions. Since the Moon is fully illuminated, it brings light to our psyche and helps us see more clearly.

Finally, we have the waning Moon stage. Here, the word of honor for respecting the lunar energy is to internalize. The Moon reaches its final moment here and ideally we should do a great energetic and emotional cleansing. Being grateful for what we have and what we left behind.
This is the best time of the month to rest and score a reset.

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What are the concrete benefits of consciously following the lunar cycles?

The moon impacts our lives every day. If the lunar cycle is part of the rhythms of life, most of us ignore it and live without paying attention to it. Therefore, if we want to live in harmony with them, we must vibrate with the rhythms, and not the other way around. for astrology, the Moon represents emotions, so connecting to its cycles means getting closer to better managing these emotions in our daily lives. Respecting its rhythm should facilitate our sentimental life and our relationship with our environment.

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Astrological lunations: how to make good use of their energy

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