Christmas gift ideas: our special astrology decoration selection

According a YouGov study for Version Femina, nearly a third of French people said they believed in astrology in 2020. And this trend has not since declined: there is an effervescence around astrology, lithotherapy and more broadly esotericism. Just look at the shelves of stores devoted to this area, which are growing visibly. Perhaps you have a loved one who is interested in it and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to offer a gift related to astrology! Take help from our decoration selection.

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esoteric candles

Quality candles are always a great gift! You can now find attractive candles bearing the image of each astrological sign on the market. If some are simply aesthetic and do not provide specific virtues, others go further. The brand My jolie candle, for example, has released a collection of ultra-personalized astral candles. Thanks to a date of birth, the candle is delivered with a personalized text that deciphers the outline of your personality. The candle is also co-created with astrologers Christine Haas and her daughter Zoé Lafont, who writes the horoscope every week for Version Femina. A little extra: the scent of the candle is also personalized according to the birth chart. If we now take a side step, there are also candles that use lithotherapy (a therapeutic method that heals thanks to the virtues of stones and crystals). The French brand Anavrin offers candles encrusted with crystals that diffuse their energies. Each candle has its own set of different stones that bring energy: serenity, strength, confidence, love…

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An astral puzzle

The Piece & Love brand has succeeded in combining two trends with puzzles for adults, astrological sign version. With original, trendy and colorful visuals, this French brand (which produces in France!), has imagined a unique puzzle for each astrological sign. In addition to the playful aspect during the realization of the puzzle, it is quite possible to keep the puzzle under glass and to make a painting of it which will decorate the house with panache.

books on astrology

Here again, you will hit the mark with a close fan of decoration and astrology. In addition to learning more about the subject, these books are often very neat and decorative. Placed in a bookcase, on a chest of drawers or on a table in the living room: these objects will not go unnoticed. On the budget side, it is a gift that remains affordable.

Decorative posters with the effigy of an astrological sign

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With a soft design, the astrological sign posters invite you to spirituality. You can find many visuals on the Etsy creator platform. A little extra: some are customizable for an even more unique gift!

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Christmas gift ideas: our special astrology decoration selection

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