After the Full Moon, these zodiac signs will feel its impact for months

The Full moon of Sunday October 9, 2022 in the sign of Aries has not finished having its effects on our daily lives as humans subject to the design of the stars. This particular lunation was very important from an astrological point of view. The continuity of its meaning and impact on our lives will be more meaningful than you might think. Check out all the details here!

Astro: a very special Full Moon in October 2022 with long effects

The astral conjuncture that shapes the sky on this Full Moon, clearly shows that when a cycle closes, a new process begins in our lives. This last weekend of October, a closure in the field of relationships was crossed. These are periods of conclusion and dissolution of energies. The sign of Aries and its resolute and impulsive momentum activates a conflict that was declared six months before, consciously or unconsciously.

Why is this Full Moon going to affect us for an extended period of time?

The Full Moons occur in a polar dynamic, because it is an opposition of the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon.
This opposition raises our human need for encounter. Desire as a shared energy, not as something you can impose on the other.
It is no coincidence that it is on this axis, which represents the desire that is specific to us (Aries) and that which is shared (Balance).

Horoscope: Which Signs Will Feel the Prolonged Effects of the Full Moon Most Strongly?

Two astrological signs will have to use the energy of the full moon more consciously than the others in order to manage its strong impact on their lives. Discover them here.


This weekend’s lunation occurred in the sign of Aries, which is found in your twelfth house, that of the unconscious. You will need to bring information about your relationships to light in order to avoid repetitive patterns in the affective plane for the next six months.


With the return of Pluto moving direct in your sign at the same time as the Full Moon, you will feel the relationship conflicts of the past returning. You will have a period of six months to resolve this problem. You are advised to dissolve those conflicts that do not contribute to your life without delay.

A Full Moon that guides you towards balance

The ambient energy then raises the possibility of balancing our desire in such a way that it is neither completely dependent on the other, nor an overwhelming impulse that subjugates us. Communicate your desire openly in order to create a mature and responsible dialogue around it.

This desire for consolidation or dissolution will be defined by the lunar energy present in the air since this weekend. This will be relevant for the next few months. We will have the feeling of having reached a point where it was necessary to disarticulate a conflict around the question of emotional ties.

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A six-month cycle was opened during this lunation in Aries!

Keep in mind that the Full Moon on Sunday opens a two-week window to make a deep assessment of the state of our relationships. Which reports are real connections and which are shallow projections? On the other hand, the theme addressed by this Moon will be taken up again during the eclipse season next year, in April and May 2023. So be prepared!

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After the Full Moon, these zodiac signs will feel its impact for months

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