The horoscope for Thursday July 7, 2022

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The 2nd decan is best served today, Moon and Venus will work to make your life easier and especially your relationships with others, whether professional or personal. Venus may represent someone around you who you like for their humor, their casualness, and he or she can inspire you with a change of attitude.


Your power of conviction is matched only by your perseverance, 1st decan until Sunday. You’re looking to get a deal, but it’s debatable if you’ll make it as Mars stays home until July 19th. You may have to wait until this date to stop clashing with those who disagree with you.


Each in turn, today the 2nd decan is best served, Venus being activated by the Moon. You can quietly dream of love, imagine romantic situations… or even live them if you have a partner or if you meet someone. That said, Venus also represents your money, so it may fall to you from the sky.


If you were born in these days, know that you are receiving good influxes from Uranus and that, little by little, your life is changing. You have new goals, new relationships perhaps, and friendship seems to be the type of relationship that suits you best right now. On the heart side, indeed, the situation is unstable.


A Moon/Venus harmony presides over your awakening, it will put you in a good mood for the whole day! But it is also possible that you have a pleasant prospect in mind… For some, there may be an inflow of money that you perhaps did not expect, or which is ahead of what had been intended.


Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, do yourself good by giving yourself a small gift, for example, even if it’s something symbolic. You sometimes don’t consider your needs enough, you put those of others before your own (when you love, of course). Think of yourself today.


Always in your sign, the Moon and Venus agree to make you have a good day, 2nd decan. All senses awake, you will fully enjoy the pleasures of life and love too. Sure, it’s fleeting, but it’s as good to eat as your favorite treat. And then business (re) goes well for some natives.


1st decan, we may make you an interesting proposal, but you will have to be quick! You may not be the only one to be solicited and if you want to come before the others, show up loudly! But the conflict we were talking about yesterday may still be relevant and only dialogue will allow you to get out of it.


If you have received an invitation, whether for a party or a dinner for two, do not refuse because you will have a good time if you are from the 2nd decan. Venus is facing you and if you were born around December 8, 9, 10, you could have a charming encounter. Whether it lasts or not doesn’t matter. Only the present moment counts.


1st decan, beautiful energies accompany you, they boost your will and especially your perseverance. And you need it to fight against the effects of Jupiter’s dissonance, which exposes you to injustice. Unless the problem is administrative and you have an impressive number of documents to produce.


Not only is the Moon always in Libra, at Venus, but it is in phase with Venus itself. 2nd decan, something or someone will bring something to restore your image, after the difficulties that Uranus has made you suffer, or continues to make you suffer. A beach of well-being and affection will do you a world of good.


You’ve decided to tackle a mountain of overdue mail, including invoices, inquiries, etc. ? You are doing well in the 1st decan, especially if you do not want to incur penalties for not having something settled in time, as many of us can do.

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The horoscope for Thursday July 7, 2022

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