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His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 2 ending reunites Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry, sending them into a new world but with some big twists. Much of the two-part premiere of His Dark Materials season 3 concerns Will’s efforts to find Lyra, who was taken by Mrs. Coulter in the season 2 finale. Lyra remains drugged and unable to escape. to her mother, but is the target of several forces trying to find her for various reasons, including the villainous Magisterium.

Luckily, it’s Will who is able to get Lyra to safety in the ending of His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 2, but not without trouble. First, Will broke the Æsahættr, or subtle knife, trying to open a window to another world. And second, one of Lord Asriel’s Gallivespian spies – the tiny humanoids who work for him – are able to track them, ensuring there’s no real escape yet. With all of that, the Season 3 premiere of His Dark Materials sets the stage nicely for what’s to come in the show’s final set of episodes.

How The Subtle Knife Is Fixed After Its Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 2

The Subtle Knife breaks when Will is distracted by Mrs. Coulter trying to open a window; because he cannot clear his mind and fully concentrate, the blade eventually breaks. Fortunately, Will’s knife can be repaired, although the ending of His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 2 means it may take a bit of time. In The Amber Spyglass, His Dark Materials book adapts in Season 3, the knife is repaired by Iorek Byrnison, who is able to work with just about any metal. This gives the knife a slightly ironic twist, given that it was already used by Will to easily smash part of Iorek’s Celestial Iron armor.

In The Amber Spyglass, fixing the Æsahættr is doable, but not easy. This requires Lyra to find and hold stones that will emit a gas, drawing air away from the metal; Iorek must ring above a furnace, pounding blade shards with a great stone hammer; Will uses all of his energy to mentally hold the blade in place. But it’s fixed, and it will be important, because the subtle knife is crucial to the story of His Dark Materials. His name Æsahættr translates to “God-Destroyer”, and it will be used by Will in the final battle against the Authority.

Where Lyra and Will Go After His Dark Materials Episode 2 Season 3 Ends

Will Parry and Lyra Belacqua’s first stop after the rest will be to find Iorek so he can fix the knife. However, he is currently separated from Will and Lyra – he fights off the soldiers allowing them to pass through the window to another world, but they close it behind them. In The Amber Spyglass they go and come back through the same window, but that’s not an option here. This means there must be another window – perhaps the one Will cut in the house where Lyra was being held – but it adds another wrinkle to the story.

After Iorek fixes the knife, Will and Lyra – along with the Gallivespians who followed them – will travel to the Land of the Dead. Ever since the His Dark Materials Season 2 post-credits scene, Lyra has had dreams or visions of her friend, Roger, who died in the Season 1 finale. Roger cries out for Lyra’s help, and she will therefore go to him. The Land of the Dead is unsurprisingly a dark place, where demons cannot enter – crossing it will prove to be one of the greatest tests of Lyra’s life.

What Happens Next to Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter

Lord Asriel arrived too late in His Dark Materials Season 3, Episode 2 ending, meaning Lyra’s parents are reunited but without her. This sets up their future storyline, as the two work to their own agendas to defeat the Magisterium. Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter engage in a battle of wits after Lyra’s escape, with a difference of opinion: Asriel cares little for her daughter, while Mrs. Coulter shows a surprising amount. He brings her into his council, albeit as a captive, but she herself escapes using one of Asriel’s Intention Devices.

It’s rather deliberate on Lord Asriel’s part. Mrs. Coulter heads to the Consistorial Court of the Magisterium, where she will spy for Asriel. While Lyra’s two parents couldn’t be more different in many ways, they’re bonded not only by their daughter, but by their desires – for different reasons – to defeat the Authority. By bringing them together at this point, His Dark Materials proves that they can’t really escape and underscores how very much their fates are intertwined.

Season 3 of His Dark Materials reveals another villain: The Authority’s regent, Metatron, who currently rules the Kingdom of Heaven. Metatron is the brother of the angel Baruch, one of the two who helped Will on his own journey. While it’s true that Metatron has been appointed regent of the Authority, that’s not exactly the case by the time Lord Asriel learns of his existence. In truth, Metatron grew more powerful than the Authority and took control of Heaven from them, imprisoning his fellow angel.

The Authority itself is one of the great lies in the world of His Dark Materials. He is not a real God, but rather the first angel. After forming from Dust, he convinced the angels who followed that he was their creator and was worshiped as such in several worlds. The Authority are far less powerful in the His Dark Materials Season 3 timeline than they once were, having been weakened by their long imprisonment. Nevertheless, both the Authority and Metatron must be defeated in Lord Asriel’s final battle against the Kingdom of Heaven.

Season 3 of His Dark Materials releases new episodes Mondays on HBO.

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His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 2 Ending Explained | Pretty Reel

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