[Si j’étais un espoir] Jordan Addison (WR): the wisp

While waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of TDActu offers you a spotlight on the future nuggets who will join the NFL in 2023.

Jordan Addison

Born January 27, 2002 in Frederick, Maryland
1m80 for 83 kilos
Receiver, USC, junior

Brilliant partner of Kenny Pickett for two seasons at the University of Pittsburgh, Jordan Addison takes up the ambitious challenge of USC. The University of Los Angeles has even rolled out the red carpet to recruit him: Jordan Addison will wear his usual #3 on his back, a number however withdrawn by the university to honor Carson Palmer (ex Bengals). Lively and running good routes, he was elected as the best university receiver in 2021. Therefore considered ahead of the 6 receivers drafted in the 1st round in 2022!

If I were a quality: running the right tracks

A layout is the course that a player must follow. Everything goes so fast for a quarterback: his receiver must therefore go where he is supposed to, when he should be there, because the passer does not have time to wait for him to be there before throwing : he must anticipate. In this, Jordan Addison is an expert because fake shoulders and dynamic supports allow him to send the defender into the zig, when he goes in the zag ! And when the cornerback tries to react, it is too late: Jordan Addison has the ball in hand and his acceleration then does the rest.

If he knows how to beat cornerbacks, it’s probably because he played that position in high school. He had even received an offer from Notre Dame to play in defense.

“I played cornerback so I know what they don’t like! “, he told the Los Angeles Times

If I was a flaw: the drops

A receiver is on the field to catch the balls. If he captured 160 in his first two seasons, he also released a little too many: 11.6% according to PFF! In 2022, he seems to have corrected this defect: no drop in the first 3 games and only one in the 4th against Oregon State. Only one drop but 6 touchdowns in these four games!

If I were a stat: 26 burns in 2021

Straight ahead or after changing direction: he burns his opponents! His huge total of 26 Burns in 2021 (2nd in NCAA) shows how incisive he is: the statistic Burn measures the number of times a receiver has freed himself from the marking to obtain a 1st attempt, or a touchdown.

If I were a date: at UCLA on November 19

If the rivalry against Notre Dame is historic for USC, there is also a derby in the city of Los Angeles. The two universities are “barely” 25 kilometers apart, in this megalopolis twelve times larger than Paris. This match is also a confrontation between a public school (UCLA) and a so-called “private” one (management of funds by the state or by investors).

Academically, both universities are ranked in the top 30 in the country. And athletically speaking, while UCLA dominates in basketball, USC is more often than not better in football. The biggest difference between the two universities is undoubtedly their locations: near the disadvantaged South Central for USC while UCLA is on the border of the Bel-Air district, where the millionaires of the city of angels live.

Two huge campuses (more than 45,000 students on each) and a derby, here is a stage on which Jordan Addison hopes to shine.

If I was an NFL player: Antonio Brown (ex Steelers)

His extra-sporting escapades often overshadow, in the collective unconscious, that Antonio Brown was excellent on the pitch. Liveliness, science of layouts and ability to play everywhere, the young Addison offers a profile similar to the former Steelers star. The moments WTF less (amazing moments).

If I was a draft pick: 7-15

In 2022, Jordan Addison decided to move to California to play for a coach renowned for his offensive spirit. During his 7 seasons at the head of Oklahoma, Lincoln Riley’s attack never did less than 8th in points scored, nationally (130 universities)! Follower of a system said Air Raidhe likes to take advantage of simple but effective schemes such as “Mesh”: crisscrossing the paths of two receivers to create confusion in the defense, and free up the space available to gain yards after receptions.

Hal Mumme is with Mike Leach, the founder of this game philosophy.

“Lincoln Riley leads an attack that is very pleasant to see because he capitalizes on the qualities of his players, putting them in the best possible position to play an explosive game. said Hal Mumme to the Los Angeles Times.

Jordan Addison is therefore in the best possible place. In 2022, two receivers were chosen in the top 10 of the draft. Three in 2021. How many in 2023? Jordan Addison is a serious candidate to become one.

If I were an NFL team: Chicago Bears

In 2021, Justin Fields struggled a lot: 10 interceptions in 12 games, 5 lost fumbles and a poor 59% completion rate (32nd % NFL). But he gave fans hope with his deep throws: 16% of his passes were long (20 yards or more) and he was the 12th quarterback in terms of accuracy on that type of throw. This is why the Bears bet in 2022 on a fast receiver: Velus Jones and his 4.31 seconds on the 40 yards. Here’s why Jordan Addison would be a choice addition: 10 of his 17 touchdowns in 2021 have been on a game of 20 yards or more!

Still in difficulty in 2022, Justin Fields would need Jordan Addison and his ability to evolve in all areas of the field. He could be that number one target a young QB needs so badly.

During his match against Stanford on September 10, 2022, a certain Jerry Rice seemed to approve of what he saw from Jordan Addison (see below).

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[Si j’étais un espoir] Jordan Addison (WR): the wisp

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