Mother’s Day: date 2023, origin and gift ideas

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In France, we celebrate mothers at the end of May. Origin, ideas for poems and pretty messages to accompany the Mother’s Day gift.

When is Mother’s Day in France?

In France, Mother’s Day took place on Sunday, May 29, 2022. Next year, we will celebrate moms on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Mother’s Day is indeed celebrated every last Sunday of May, except if Pentecost Day falls on the same day as Mother’s Day, in which case it is postponed by a week and sometimes takes place in early June. . But the date is different depending on the country, especially in Switzerland, Germany or the United States since Mother’s Day takes place in advance, at the beginning of May.

What are the origins of Mother’s Day?

In Ancient Greece, we already celebrated the mother, that of all the gods: Rhea. The Romans also paid homage to mothers and wives, called “Matralia”, in the 5th century BC. Customs quickly buried by the Catholic religion. It was not until the 19th century that the festival was born in France, thanks to Napoleon. The latter then mentions creating a mother’s day official, which would be celebrated in the spring. In 1897, the National Alliance against depopulation then launched an idea: a children’s party, highlighting the importance of fertility and the virtues of the family. It’s at the Fraternal Union of Deserving Family Fathers of Artas that we owe the very first celebration of mothers. June 10, 1906, Isère then puts mothers in the spotlight, rewarding the most deserving, all in a real festive atmosphere, as evidenced by the parades in the decorated streets. However, we will have to wait June 16, 1918 for the first “Mothers’ Day” to take place in Lyon, on the initiative of Colonel de la Croix-Laval. This is the start of the tradition. Because of some administrative delays, the first official ceremony will finally take place on April 20, 1926, even if in the meantime many events are held to celebrate the most virtuous and courageous mothers. On May 25, 1941, Marshal Pétain definitively instituted thenational mothers day“. Last part of the story, the President of the Republic Vincent Auriol signed a law on May 24, 1950 establishing Mother’s Day. It is then definitively fixed at last Sunday in May. If this date coincides with that of Pentecost, Mother’s Day takes place on first sunday in june.

What poems for Mother’s Day?

A pretty poem is perfect to accompany the gift you plan to give him. If you do not find inspiration, do not hesitate to draw a poem from literature. Our greatest authors have indeed laid down on paper their sweet feelings for their moms.

  • To our mother. “Oh! the love of a mother! Love that no one forgets! Wonderful bread that a God shares and multiplies! (Victor Hugo)
  • For my mother. “There are more flowers. For my mother, in my heart,. Than in all the orchards. More laughing blackbirds. For my mother, in my heart, Than in the whole world. And many more kisses. For my mother, in my heart, That one could give.” (Maurice Lent)
  • Mom. “I hear above me in heaven. The angels whispering among themselves. They cannot find a greater word of love. Than this: ‘Mother’ (Edgar Allan Poe)

Mother’s Day meal: what recipes to concoct for her this Sunday?

If mom is in charge of daily meals, why not treat her during her day? First, by all-inclusive service all day. From breakfast in bed to feet directly under the table for lunch and dinner, rid her of this task at least this day. And while you’re at it, concoct small gourmet and original dishes for her, which will make her melt with pleasure. Of course, no need to ruin yourself or embark on dishes that are far too complicated: to inspire you, here are some Mother’s Day gourmet recipe ideas to prepare for him with love.

What’s the best gift for Mother’s Day?

In our opinion, mothers above all need rest, time for themselves and a desire to escape. Here is favorite gifts from the editorial staff! Give him a gift box which will allow him to escape for three “dream” days. This exotic stay is for two people, with 2 nights and 2 breakfasts in 3* and 4* star hotels. You can choose a reservation in a manor, a castle, a renovated farm, or even a tepee… in France or in Europe!

To continue in the “escape” spirit, a pretty suitcase from the Châtelet Air 2.0 range will be the object of all desires. Proposed by the brand Delsey Paris, this trolley case, practical and handy, is also the symbol of French elegance. We therefore fall for this model with clean and trendy colors. All you have to do is offer him, according to your budget, other stays for the upcoming summer holidays!

What flowers to give for Mother’s Day?

Bouquets of flowers and other floral arrangements always make moms happy. You can also make her your own bouquet of flowers, to fill her with love and sweetness.

What gifts to give for Mother’s Day?

For those in a hurry, here is an eclectic selection of gifts that will please him according to his tastes. Perfumes, sweets, fashion pieces, boxes, practical accessories or even cultural outings… there is something for all tastes and all budgets!

Mother’s Day crafts: our activities, cards, and drawings on Hugo the Snail

On our Hugo l’Escargot children’s site, discover all our ideas for coloring, DIY, poems and other nursery rhymes to learn to allow the little ones to express all their love to their mom with homemade creations! You can get into the original creation of a DIY gift, designed with your own hands or those of children. Also find lots of cards to print for free to write her a sweet note, which will accompany the Mother’s Day gift. These gifts, made with love, can only amaze mothers, who will not fail to keep the works of art of their little treasures.

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Mother’s Day: date 2023, origin and gift ideas

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