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Quicksox, the unpredictable released their very first album “Abidjan Clout” last month (available for free exclusively on @boomplaysmusic). In his slang language, the beatmaker gives us a glimpse of his lifestyle.

We know you more under your name of Beatmaker “Quicksox”! Tell us who Quicksox actually is.

I am BALATE Bouam’man Sanita in civil status, born in Dapaong in the north of Togo on March 14. I evolve in the field of music as a music producer. Function often grouping tasks of beatmaking, composition, mixing etc. and which is not at all to be confused with that of a patron in music. Something that happens often!

Our readers will be very curious to understand what the pseudonym ”Quicksox” hides.

“Your Kicks Sucks” which can be interpreted as “Your Bass Drums Suck”. So the little story behind it is that I love everything “BASS”; the Bass Drums in particular. The more they hit, the more I am thrilled. So I said to myself that it was necessary to draw my pseudonym from there.

In what year did you start your career? What kind of music do you excel in?

I excel in all that is electronic music or more specifically what can be described as “Bass music”. Professionally my career began in 2011 when I was in my second year of university, 10 years of coal already huh! LOL ! But hey, let’s say I started to take an interest in this field of composition since I started college, around 2004. I remember that at the time I had to trade a CD walkman offered by my daron, rather rare at the time, for an audio sequencer. Fruity Loops Studio 4, an additional Demo version!

What were your various collaborations in this field?

RK, Koba LaD, Stanley Enow, Darkovibes, Black Brut, Cyanogène, Guen, to name only a tiny part and also all the artists you could find on my last release “Abidjan Clout”. In this case Fior 2 Bior, Widgunz etc…

You have just launched your first album entitled “Abidjan Clout”, why this name?

First, it is important for me to specify that this project is not an EP or a mixtape or what you want… I consider “Abidjan Clout” as an album. It is a work straight out of my heart and from the depths of my being with a precise editorial line.

Now why Abidjan Clout? The French translation means “Abidjan Influence” and if you listen carefully, “Abidjan Influence” sounds like a coupé-décalé title… At the same time, Rap Ivoire draws its identity directly from coupé-décalé. So Abidjan Clout is “Abidjan Influence” in English to add more hype.

How many titles does it have? What is the little anecdote behind these titles?

The album features 7 sound jewels like the seven days of the week. 7 as the number of totality, perfection and also a very special prime number. The most striking anecdote is that I had a deal with my guy Cheick Aïdara’s “Allo le Bled” studio and basically the whole project had to be done there, but on the day of the studio session with my guys from the Organization (Widgunz, Lesky etc.) it was raining cats and dogs; Cheick was unreachable and the studio was closed so we had to wait for him on the stairs next to the studio…
We had time to discuss everything and nothing but especially music and I think that put us all in a good mood. What makes “Getting Money” was very smooth. We had composed together and the guys killed it quietly.

For which title do you have a very special crush?

I don’t know if the 2 agree but in all objectivity and subjectivity, my favorite is “Their Mother” with Fizzy Marley. I’ve been making songs for about ten years and this song was done in 24 hours… When I received the demo, I listened to it for 24 hours MDR… without listening to other sounds. And this kind of thing hadn’t happened to me for 5 years. So I knew that sound was a nugget.

You are said to be one of the best Togolese beatmakers of the moment. Tell us, what is your particularity?

I am an outsider. I happen like a miracle where I am not expected. This must be my particularity and it is quite natural.

Where does your inspiration come from?

From my feelings I will say. Afterwards it is God who gives, you know!

What do you think are the qualities of a Good Beatmaker?

Listening and discipline.

Note that Côte d’Ivoire is your host country. Why did you choose Côte d’Ivoire? What difference have you noticed in the musical environment between your country of origin and Côte d’Ivoire?

“Abidjan is the new Lagos” as I often like to say. The Ivory Coast is the most growing musical scene in the French-speaking African space and I had smelled that since my beginnings in this environment. The choice was therefore obvious when making the next ”move”.

The difference lies in open-mindedness, spontaneity and even hyper activity, I would say. I love the Ivorians. They are very warm, hospitable and, above all, the cultural actors have like a slab, a desire to take everything that I have never experienced in all the countries where I have stayed. Abidjan is the softest in the world. It does not move!

Your album is available on Boomplaymusic, and can be downloaded for free; what should your fans expect?

They should expect to discover all the artists present on the album including myself under new facets. Shout Out to Boomplay for Confidence!

Other short or long term goals?

Enormously ! But I hate to be predictable so I’ll stop there.

What do you think of the musical world in Africa?

We will take everything and we are not here to negotiate. Kisses. LOL

Is Quicksox a heart to take?

I keep my heart for myself and God.

What advice(s) for African youth who want to excel in this area?

Study. As far as you can and I insist on that. It is very important to excel in any field. Cultivate yourself and listen a lot but not too much. It can corrupt your confidence in your abilities.

A final word

This is just the beginning. No long talk, more action. Which means less talk and more action. Be on the lookout, anything can happen at any time… I’m unpredictable like the Almighty lol! Thank you very much MyAfricaInfos!!!

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