Eurockéennes de Belfort. Live: the 2023 festival will take place the weekend of July 2

8:05 p.m.- It’s time to take stock: the 2023 edition is already scheduled

The Eurockéennes are coming to an end, it’s time to take stock. During a press conference, Matthieu Pigasse, president of the festival, once again sends thoughts to the 17-year-old young man injured in the storm, as well as to his family.

Saturday and Sunday are sold out

Several thousand tickets for Saturday were sold after the cancellation episode. Saturday and Sunday are full.

Official attendance figures: 35,000 Saturday and 25,000 Sunday for the Muse concert (the gauge being limited to this figure)

“I salute the team spirit of the Eurockéennes, their composure, their cohesion, their courage, their resilience. The team went even beyond what can be expected of them in these conditions,” continues Matthieu Pigasse. “If we opened on Saturday, it is thanks to them, to the volunteers, as well as to all those who offered their help, including local residents and neighbours. »

“We look to the future”

Jean-Paul Roland takes the microphone in turn. “We are quickly looking to the future”, declares the director of the Eurockéennes. “I hope for a pooling of festivals: that is to say work with “friendly” festivals on stage rentals, technical teams which are increasingly difficult to find. »

The “Secondary residence” editions will be multiplied. The next one is scheduled for the Eurocks hall, with a capacity of 5,000 people.

🔴 The next edition of the Eurockéennes is already scheduled. If the format is not yet completely decided (three days, four days), appointment is given in the period between June 29 and July 2.

Less than 200 entries to the aid station

The prefect, Raphaël Sodini, salutes the behavior of the festival-goers present this weekend. “Less than 200 entries to the aid station, it’s derisory when more than 30,000 people are on site,” he notes.

The principle of the Place des Chefs, a new space that brings together gourmet food-trucks, worked very well and will be renewed in 2023.

7:50 p.m.- All honey

We found Christophe Courberand, beekeeper in Châtenois-les-Forges, with a jar of honey from the festival.

Indeed, the Eurockéennes sponsored one of its hives; this made it possible to produce 150 jars of 125 grams of beautiful all-flower honey extracted at the beginning of June.

7:40 p.m.- The public always arrives, the food-trucks are taken by storm

While the space in front of the Grande Scène is already full, the public continues to flock to the Eurockéennes site.

In front of the food-trucks, the line gets longer before the Muse concert.

7 p.m.- Let’s go !

Two hours before the Muse concert, there is already a compact crowd in front of the stage. It is the young and talented Declan McKenna who launches the hostilities in the first part.

Photo ER/Isabelle Glorifet

6 p.m.- It clogs…

On the outskirts of Malsaucy, the traffic jams stretch out. You have to be patient to access the car park.

25,000 spectators are expected for the Muse concert. Not nothing…

Anne-Sophie Pic’s food truck distributes compotes to security guards

5.30 p.m.- Compotes for safety

The Pic-up truck (food-truck run by the team of three-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic) distributes strawberry-rhubarb compote to security guards stationed at the Main Stage. In front of some envious festival-goers…

Little Sunday jog

4:30 p.m.- The groupies are all in

The fiercest arrived at 9 a.m.: absolute Muse fans waited under a blazing sun for the festival doors to open. A device to refresh the public is put in place.

The party has been sold out for months. Muse was already scheduled to come in 2020, then in 2021, two editions canceled due to the health crisis.

4 p.m.- The Eurocks breakfast, to get in shape

To get ready, like every morning, we share a coffee and a croissant with you. On the program, yesterday’s recap and what you should not miss. Come on, let’s watch together.

The program of this last day of the festival is minimalist but it sends heavy. Two concerts are scheduled on the Main Stage: Declan McKenna at 7 p.m., Muse at 9 p.m.

3 p.m.- Summary of previous episodes

Thursday: after two canceled evenings, the Eurockéennes should resume, for good. But a terrible storm swept through the Malsaucy, caused significant damage, injured seven people and the site had to be evacuated.

Friday: it’s time for a meticulous survey of the damage, the visit of the expert, then the work organized “in commando mode” to restore the site, in particular the Main Stage which was the most affected. The party moves to the campsite.

Saturday: this time, it’s the right one: the safety commission comes in the morning and the green light is given. At 4 p.m., festival-goers return to the site. The concerts follow one another, the Eurockéens are in heaven. After the Simple Minds show, it’s time for the Eurotronik night: electro beats the rhythm on all the stages, simultaneously, until the very early hours.

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Eurockéennes de Belfort. Live: the 2023 festival will take place the weekend of July 2

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