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Christians and the tricks of the devil. (3th part).

The 2th temptation is to lead the Christian in pride or presumption. Since he could not bring him down by challenging him on another ground, he therefore carries him to the top of the temple and asks him ” if he is the son of god to jump down, for God said in the Psalms 91.11-12 that angels will be sent to guard it.

So there is no danger for you to jump from such a height, you will be kept… moreover, it will bear witness to everyone that you really are, the son of God! The devil knows that man is naturally inclined to pride and presumption.

Thus the devil tries to profit from the advantage of being children of God, and he will push them to vanity… He will praise their fine qualities, their fine victories and successes. All because they are darling children of God, they are exceptional, etc. etc…

The higher he climbs them, the more terrible and destructive the fall will be…

If he finds that weakness and fear prevent the Christian from doing what he suggests, he will reproach him for his timidity, his incredulity, his lack of zeal for God. He will make him believe that he is not acting according to the Bible, or even according to the directions of the Holy Spirit…

Either way, he never neglects to use the Bible, and examples of what others have done for the glory of God. He will lead you to be the censor of others, to criticize others bluntly, all to achieve his goal. He will make you believe that you have to fight against the corruption or the sins of others, to oppose the reign of the devil. He will quote biblical texts to you while speaking. It will lead you to engage in a fight that is not yours, as the Psalm 131.1.

The best advice that can be given to each person tempted by the Devil is to ask God for humility, knowledge of one’s own misery and the desire to free oneself from it. Thus, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he will be able to truly serve God among his brothers in faith. Without any pretension or pride, simply without fuss and in the humility of faith.

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Christians and the tricks of the devil. (3rd part). – Christian Life – Christian Journal

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