Which zodiac signs are the most successful in love? Discover the 4 lucky winners!

Before revealing the identity of these heartthrobs, Purepeople.com would like to remind you that even if you are not a native of one of those lucky signs, your life has not just taken a dramatic turn. Love can of course also knock at your door. The astrological signs can only represent a tiny part of our character and each astrological profile is obviously much more complex than that. The story of each one obviously has a lot to do with it. And even on the astrological level, other data come into play, such as the ascendant or the moon sign, which have a crucial place in your profile. But if you too will probably find the shoe for you, or will even be very happy alone, these four signs of the zodiac, whether by their crazy charisma, their ability to moderate any situation that would escalate or even because of their temperament, are luckier in love than the average.

Pisces is all about love

If there’s one sign that really knows about love, it’s him: the last of the zodiac. Indeed, Pisces are the ones who will most easily give someone the chance to enter their life. The natives of this sign are not afraid to reveal their feelings to their crush. They are not really adept at puzzles in order to know if the other is in love or not, they prefer to lay their cards on the table as quickly as possible. As for the commitment, it does not scare him. The almost mystical intuition, the dreamy and romantic side of the native of this sign leaves few of his companions of the zodiac insensitive. So Justin Bieber, Rihanna or even Pierre Niney, all three natives of Pisces, have beautiful love stories to their credit. And their charm is not to be proven…

Taurus, competitor of love

You can count on Taurus to embark on a long relationship. With the native of this sign, there is no question of chaining love affairs for a few hours or a few days, the latter is the champion of lasting relationships. If they can stay single for a long time, it’s because they prefer quality to quantity. Their goal ? Build a strong home. And Adele and George Clooney, both natives of the sign, are well placed to testify. True love knows them.

Cancer in love with relationships

A water sign like his friend Pisces, with whom he gets along so well, Cancer loves relationships even more than love. It is made to evolve as a couple. A nostalgic and emotional sign, he likes to remember his past love stories for a long time, and cling to them. This sign is the most faithful zodiac sign in love. He can’t imagine for a single second losing his lover for an affair. And he also judges the infidels very harshly. In life, the native of this sign is simply looking for his soul mate! And it is certainly not Virginie Efira, Charlotte Gainsbourg or even Selena Gomez, natives of the sign who will tell you the opposite. The last one had a hard time recovering from her past relationship with this Pisces Justin Bieber.

Virgo, pragmatic love

Virgo is organized in everything she does. And love is no exception to the rule. And having such a pragmatic approach to love ultimately makes her very lucky. No way for the native of this sign to waste time with someone with whom he is not compatible. Virgo will only enter into a relationship if all the criteria of their partner match perfectly with their expectations. And this is obviously the case of three famous natives of this sign, Laurent Delahousse, Beyoncé or Blake Lively, all happy in love. And unlike Cancer, Virgo never looks back.

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Which zodiac signs are the most successful in love? Discover the 4 lucky winners!

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