Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Drake, Daniel Craig…all memes!



Queen Be-zarre!

In 2013, when the singer landed the coveted Super Bowl gig, she was over the moon. Determined to give it her all, she delivered a legendary performance. But, the day after the show, photos of her dripping, bulging muscles, high-cut body flood the canvas. Very quickly, she tries to ban the clichés. But the damage is done, they have already become cult and will remain so for a very long time. Another way for the queen of music to become a legend.



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Even not afraid to be cult!

Handsome, good flow, showman… Drake combined all the qualities to become a world star of the song. But did he suspect while filming the Hotline Bling clip that a simple red down jacket would give him that little extra something to break into the universe of the meme, to the point of embodying one of the most diverted gifs on the planet? ? Not sure. Still, the video exceeds 1.7 billion views on YouTube… and the down jacket in question is now worth a fortune. Hot !


bang bang

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An unexpected incident can have equally surprising consequences. In December 2014, the star performed at the prestigious Victoria’s Secret fashion show when the wing of one of the brand’s angels hit her face. The both terrified and annoyed face of the frail singer is immortalized by a photographer and now holds a place of choice in the pantheon of memes. Ironically, the song that Ariana Grande was performing at that time was… bang bang. Touched!


Leap weekend

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What could be classier than being announced the end of a grueling week of work and the beginning of a well-deserved relaxation by James Bond himself? Cool, on the Saturday Night Live stage, Daniel Craig had introduced The Weeknd’s set of a “Ladies and gentlemen, the week-end”, which had become legendary. A sweet song in the ears of workers around the world. After that, Monday can wait.


Poor dear

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A celebrity in two stages, it is a bit the summary of the career of James Van Der Beek. Propelled star of the small screen at the end of the 90s thanks to his role in Dawson, the actor enjoyed a huge resurgence in popularity almost twenty years later. Also thanks to the series, new generations discovered his crestfallen and tearful face after a breakup, played to perfection in an episode of season 3, and consecrated it on the Internet, which made it a viral meme. Possibly the most profitable five seconds of his career.


Business is business!

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When she cries, it’s really a K apart

Throughout the twenty seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians, viewers were able to revel in what Americans call Kim’s crying faces. That is to say the head of the brunette when she sobs. A delight ! So much so that this gif went viral from 2012. Was she offended? On the contrary, she decided to surf on success by marketing emojis of her crying in torrents. At the Kardashians, even water turns to gold.


To insanity

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In the pantheon of gifs

On Twitter, open the gifs, type “excited” and it’s his beautiful winning face that will come out first. In Americantrip, released in 2010, Jonah Hill launches psychedelic music and indulges, without moving from his chair, in a crazy choreography. It does not take more for the Internet to crown him, some time later, master of memes. A status that he has since cultivated with other gifs to his glory. A size of its kind.


The beauty and the Beast

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If there is a meme that boosts morale when you get dumped, you have a bad hair day or you have a button that pushes, it’s that of the youngest of the clan Kardashian. “You’re not ugly, you’re just broke”, read above photos showing Kylie before and after cosmetic surgery. Something to put us in perspective or… start saving!


It went away on its own

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A gif(the) that has gone viral

François Bayrou hid his game well and it was a young boy who unmasked it despite himself. Not really known for his ferocity in political debates, the centrist leader, visiting Strasbourg in 2002, could not repress a violent reflex from a kid who was trying to steal something from him. A slap in the face and an injunction that has remained mythical: “You don’t pick my pockets!” It is said that since then, when he takes the metro, pickpockets get off the car…



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All addicted to Leo!

Have you just obtained a diploma, a CDI, or have successfully completed your lemon meringue pie? Well done! To congratulate you, there is a very good chance that at least one of your relatives will send you this cult gif of Leonardo in a tuxedo, raising a glass of champagne, a beautiful fireworks backdrop. This scene, taken from the film Gatsby the magnificent released in 2013, will be the perfect illustration of your immense success. End of toasting!


A pioneer

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A reality TV show filmed in a luxurious villa, two girls tearing each other apart and screaming all sorts of inaudible things: the scene is almost banal today. But not yet in 2007, which worked in favor of Taylor Armstrong. His argument with another candidate in season 2 of the American show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and especially his pointing finger, his mouth wide open and his eyes drowned in tears marked the spirits, made the happiness of social networks and inspired many generations of candidates. In short, his anger was furious!


She has a long arm

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She tried many times to make him forget

The Oscars, this gold mine for geeks in search of new gifs… In 2017, it was Nicole who paid the price: the twittos of the whole world blocked in front of her way of applauding. The camera angle is such that one might think the actress has alien hands. “It’s really very embarrassing, she explained a few months later. I wore huge rings and was terrified of damaging them. That was what made my movements very strange.” Which didn’t stop the cult meme from taking shape…

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Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Drake, Daniel Craig…all memes!

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