Mom Accidentally Gives Her Child and Dog’s Names (and It’s Hilarious)

Some parents have fun to match the names of their children. An Australian mother, she tells Kidspot always found it ridiculous, until she realized she had done it… But with the names of her son and her dog. “Parents choosing matching names is nothing new. Like the Kardashians with the K… Or twins named Ross and Rachel […]. And there are people like me, who giggle at these parents and their huge effort to look cute in matching… And then realize they did the same thing.”she testifies.

She loves her son’s name

This mother explains that her son is 15 years old, and her dog 2 years old. “But it only just occurred to me that I was THAT mom, even though I didn’t choose the dog’s name to match. But it happened by accident, and so innocently, that I didn’t didn’t realize until now. It all started 16 years ago, when my now ex-husband and father of my child suggested First name Winston for our son. Other than the baby – who is the light of my life 90% of the time – it’s the second best thing this man has done.”she explains.

This mother immediately fell in love with this name “strong, traditional, but also but so common here in Australia”. Over the years, she has heard many comments about her son’s first name, such as “Oh, like Winston Churchill?”. To which she replied: “Yes, but not really”. “Don’t get me wrong, this man who is considered the greatest wartime leader of all time is fine and all that, but what interests me is his super cool first name”she says.

The names of her son and her dog are matched

After explaining this, she advances us in time to two years ago: “We took a puppy. But it’s much more complicated than that”. Indeed, one day she received a call from a canine breeder, explaining to her that her sister, who had just died, had reserved a dog for her, and asking her if she wanted to adopt him. “Thinking this pup might be like a reincarnation of my sister, I said yes. When we told our family, naturally there was a lot of talk about the name. My sister’s eldest son ended up proposing Churchill – and it was such a perfect moment. That he named the pup we adopted after his mother… It was so perfect. And hilarious that it was also the surname of the Winston d ‘after whom my son is not named, but who Australians associate that name with. Plus, it was the coolest puppy name.”

His son is therefore called Winston, and his dog Churchill. “You might think I chose matching names for my pup and son knowingly, but I promise I never considered it awkward or cute until recently. When we’re all together and someone comments on the connection between the names, they love it (at least that’s what they say in front of me.) But then, recently, I thought, “Wait. Do people think I’m such a big fan of this English dude from the last century that I named my son and my pet after him?” […] And then I thought, “Do people think I picked matching names for my son and my dog?” It was easier to answer. Yes, they think so. And I think so too because, contrary to what I thought before, I AM this mom. That they match is super cute, and in a weird way it makes us feel more connected. So now I understand. And I have to admit, I love it”concludes this mother with humor.

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Mom Accidentally Gives Her Child and Dog’s Names (and It’s Hilarious)

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