Paladins x RWBY: Ruby Rose and her huntresses land in the F2P shooter

Paladins, the free shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, received a major update on June 29 dedicated to the universe of the RWBY animation series. The famous huntresses of the series created by Rooster Teeth, as well as their enemy Salem and many other rewards, are now available in the greatest crossover of Paladins.

Paladins: A plethora of content

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free to play shooting game where two teams of 5 players compete for victory.

Before starting your game, you can choose from more than fifty champions. Each hero has a role precise: Tank, Damage, Support and Flank. The Tank is on the front line and must protect his teammates. Some champions specialize in Damage while Supports will come to heal their allies and provide them with buffs. Finally, the Flanks are characters who must unearth a flaw in the opposing team’s strategy. Their goal is to be stealthy, kill quickly and then fall back.

Witchcraft enthusiasts will not fail to be interested in Lillith, whose particularity is to use her blood to activate her skills. Able to heal his friends or jump in the air to fall back inflicting area damage, he is a particularly original character.

Prefer to stay on dry land? Alright, then Ruckus is for you. This goblin is at the controls of a powerful robot equipped with sulphators and missile launchers that will wreak havoc on your opponents. It is all the more dangerous as he can use a propulsion system allowing him to rush on the enemy!

Each champion has several attitudes as well as an ultimate skill. As you play, your hero gains experience points and levels up. This allows you to unlock talents which you can then select to increase your in-game power.

The gameplay of Paladins is particularly rich, in particular thanks to its sdeck system. Each champion does indeed have cards that you can draw from for the upcoming game. The effects are numerous and can profoundly change the way a character is played. Some cards simply increase your hit points while others increase your ammo, activate buffs in certain areas, improve a skill’s effect, etc. Each card exists in 5 power levels and is therefore worth 1 to 5 points. Knowing that you must compose a deck of 5 cards and 15 points, you can imagine the hundreds of combinations available to you!

If this is your first time playing Paladins, you can experience the game by completing the tutorial. Several workouts against the computer are available, and you can even enjoy an arena where all champions are unlocked!

The heart of Paladins, however, lies in the Quick games where several game modes are available to you:

  • Assault : Compete against the opposing team to take control of a specific location on the map. Each second spent on the capture zone earns a point. The first team to reach 400 points wins the game.
  • Team Deathmatch : Kill your opponents. The team with 40 kills on the counter wins.
  • Headquarters : The first step is to conquer a checkpoint. Then a charge appears there and you need to take it to the opposing camp. The two teams alternate attacking and defending roles and the first to get 4 points lifts the cup.
  • Advanced seat : This is a devilishly tough siege mode since the charge can be destroyed by the defending team.

Each game mode has its own maps. There are more than twenty of them, which demonstrates the enormous content offered by the developers of Paladins. And again, I haven’t even touched on the hundreds of skins, emotes, sprays, and animations you can unlock as you play!

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Paladins x RWBY: New Crossover Pass

RWBY is a seasonal event available from June 29, 2022. In it, players can embody the heroines of the animated series RWBY (pronounced Ruby).

RWBY is originally a series developed by Rooster Teeth studio. The story takes place in the world of Remnant where humanity is constantly beset by monsters named Grimms. She owes her salvation only to a particular source of energy, Dust, which allows her to benefit from magical powers.

The series features four girls educated at Beacon Academy and whose role is to confront the creatures of darkness. Their names are Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long and are better known by the acronym RWBY.

Paladins x RWBY is a crossover which allows you to find all the magic and the characters of the series in the game of Hi-Rez Studios. Purchasing the Crossover Pass will immediately unlock the Ruby Rose skin along with a 50% boost to EXP and Gold.

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Pass progression is achieved by playing games of Paladins. You will unlock dozens of awards among which we find appearances, cards, gold, avatars, sprays or even titles and chests. On this subject, you should also know that the Mythical Treasures chest contains Qrow, Yang Xiao Long’s uncle, but also and above all salem the witchthe great and mysterious rival of RWBY.

Here is an overview of the exclusive rewards that await you throughout the 30 levels of the pass:

  • Level 9: Yang Xiao Long Skin for Imani
  • Level 19: Blake Belladonna Skin for Saati
  • Level 28: Avatar Ruby Rose
  • Level 29: Weiss Schnee Skin for Furia

The update is not limited to the RWBY Crossover Pass. The developers are also taking the opportunity to add the Trials of the Kingdom, a new area where you can collect lots of rewards by completing the weekly challenges. Gold, crystals, pass levels and skin boosters are yours!

Paladins players will also find 3 unique LTMs, the Trade District revamp, and numerous balancing changes for items and several champions.

Eastern Paladins available for free on PC and Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox consoles.

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Paladins x RWBY: Ruby Rose and her huntresses land in the F2P shooter

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