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Summary : In the grand finale of this trilogy, Ysabeau the lost human, Delric Twotter the thief and the strange red wizard have gone to the human world, in search of the Witch who is holding Ysabeau’s little sister. She remembers her origins as our three heroes attempt the impossible: face her in her own world.

Critical : We come to the final revelations in this third opus. The tension mounts and one wonders how Ysabeau will manage his return to humans. Finally, this moment passes quite quickly, because our heroes have another goal, the lair of the Witch.

Ken Broeders has the very good idea of ​​revealing to us what brings this Norn to so much hatred, thus making it paradoxically more human. He manages to keep the tension with the challenge of the attack, the elf and troll armies gathered waiting for the red wizard’s signal, to attack and surprise their enemy. But will the armies manage not to bump into each other out of impatience and maintain the fragile alliance between their peoples? Is the evil Witch really unaware of her enemies’ plan? Doesn’t the trio of adventurers have other ideas in mind? So many questions that will be answered in this explosive finale.

The conclusion can leave you a little hungry, with a little taste of happy ending unexpected. But Delric Twotter remains true to himself, an anti-hero thinking almost only of himself.

Ken Broeders – Drakoo

The graphics are on par with the previous two volumes. The incredible world of the Witch, floating in red and earthy atmospheres, yellow lakes, is a surprise that blows us away as much as it surprises the heroes.

The humor is always there and the disguise of Delric and the scarlet wizard to hide among humans is made really funny by the commentary of the two camouflaged ones.

The third volume ofA story of thieves and trolls concludes this trilogy ofheroic fantasy, both stunning and classic. But let’s recognize that seeing Delric moving away in the east makes us want to find him again for other adventures.

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A story of thieves and trolls T.3: the witch’s finger – Ken Broeders – the comic book chronicle

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