Valentine’s Day: How to increase your pleasure tenfold?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually on February 14. Indeed, on this occasion, we celebrate love, affection and pleasure between individuals. It is common for couples to exchange gifts and greeting cards, and to spend time together to celebrate their love. Moreover, Valentine’s Day is also seen as an occasion for people to focus on pleasure and take care of their relationship, this includes the libido. Whether taking a romantic meal together or by planning a romantic getaway. Indeed, it is important to remember that pleasure and happiness are important elements in maintaining a healthy love relationship and happy.

When we think of improve our sex lifewe often tend to think of artificial methods Where medicated. However, there are many manners to multiply sexual pleasure so natural. Paying attention to our feedusing herbs and plants (by the way, have you browsed our section Phytotherapy ? ), adopting techniques of breathing and of meditationand taking care of our body and our mind. Indeed, all its methods can allow us to significantly increase our desire and our sexual satisfaction.


food plays a key role in the sexual health. Foods rich in zinclike the Oystersthem nut and the seedshelp to increase the production of testosterone, which can increase libido. Those that contain a lot of seleniumlike the mushroomsthem nut and the seedsalso help to improve the quality of sperm and reduce erection problems. Finally, foods rich in Fatty acids Omega 3like the oily fishthem nut and the seedsmay also help improve heart health and reduce inflammation, which is important for good blood circulation.

Herbs and plants

There are many herbs and plants that could help increase the libido and the pleasure and to improve the sexual health in general. We often use the macaa Peruvian root to boost desire and improve fertility. In addition, for centuries we have used the ginseng, a common plant in Asia to improve sexual health, pleasure and erectile function. Furthermore, theashwagandhaan Ayurvedic herb, may help reduce stress and theanxiety, which could lead to an increase in libido. All these assets drawn from nature are present in natural aphrodisiacs sold in our Bio pharmacy online.

Breathing and meditation

The breathing and the meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety, which is important for good sexual health. Indeed, deep breathing can help improve blood circulation and oxygenate tissues, which can help improve erectile function. Meditation can help focus on the present moment and relax, which can help increase libido.

Body and mind care

Take care of her body and sound mind is essential for good sexual health. Regular exercise can help improve blood circulation and maintain a healthy weight, which can help improve libido and erectile function. It is also important to get enough sleep and manage the stress to maintain good sexual health.

By adopting healthy lifestyle habits over time, you may experience an improvement in your overall well-being and an increase in your sexual pleasure. It is important to consult a doctor before taking any supplements or changing your diet. By taking care of your feedusing herbs and plantsadopting techniques of breathing and of meditationand taking care of your body and your mind, you could significantly increase your sexual desire and satisfaction. It is important to remember that sexual health is closely linked to overall health, and that positive changes in one area will have positive repercussions in other areas. By taking an approach holistic of the sexual healthyou could improve not only your sex life, but also your general well-being.


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Valentine’s Day: How to increase your pleasure tenfold?

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