Full Moon June 14: products to avoid its effects

The Full Moon in Sagittarius June 14, 2022 will be the sixth of the year. While many do not believe in its effects, others firmly believe that this natural phenomenon has a significant impact on our health and our moods. Especially since the June 14 Full Moon is shaping up to be a supermoon, which means that its influencer will be even stronger. Whether or not to experience its effects depends on the state of mind of the person, as well as their astrological sign. Because yes: the Full Moon can potentially disrupt your daily life, whether in the field of friendship, love or professionalism. Here’s how to put the odds on your side to come out stronger.

Well-being and relaxation: what are the best products to combat the effects of the Full Moon?

There are many natural and healthy ways to relax before a Full Moon, to counter the negative effects it can have on our moods. We think of plants and meditation. However, other products are also able to help us strengthen our minds as we approach a new lunar cycle. We are thinking here of dawn simulator, an essential product for falling asleep and waking up gently, and for not being naughty in the morning in order to start your day on the right foot. The day before, we advise you to light an essential oil diffuser with the oil of your choice. note that lavender essential oil is one of the most powerful to relax, and also say goodbye to bad smells in your home. Not to mention the massage cushion, to be used during or just after a guided meditation. Finally, don’t forget the meditation box. On La Redoute, the mediation box and sophrology Morphée is ideal for improving the quality of sleep and falling asleep quickly.

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Full Moon June 2022: we trust the power of stones

The more spiritual souls will gather to affirm one thing: the stones have therapeutic virtues. More than a fad: investing in semi-precious stones and other minerals to recharge your batteries has become a real lifestyle, especially after several years marked by a pandemic and many restrictions. To fight against the bad waves of the Full Moon, we advise you to invest in one or more of the following four stones. Nota Bene: do you have a lucky stone that never leaves your wrist, your finger or your neck? Keep wearing it, and don’t forget that combining several stones together can increase their power and their effects.

The Aventurine : stone of appeasement par excellence, it allows the harmony of the body and the spirit. With it, say goodbye to negative thoughts and hello to regaining some self-confidence. Perfect for strengthening your inner peace, it is very effective in accompanying you in your meditations and questioning.

tiger’s eye : intimately linked to the Earth element, tiger’s eye helps relieve various health problems such as joint tension such as osteoarthritis and various rheumatism. Stone of confidence to strengthen the body and its health, it helps at the same time to reinvigorate it, as well as its dynamism.

Amethyst : its violet color makes it one of the most famous stones. We must admit that it has everything to please. In lithotherapy, amethyst soothes and calms body and mind. It is also an incredible stone to help find a deep and restorative sleep, since it makes it possible to fight very effectively against stress and anxiety.

Agate : like many other stones, agate is ideal for finding inner peace. Also known as an anchor stone, it helps to find the right balance between the emotions, the brain and the body. With it, leave your blockages definitively and find a form of healthy and serene stability.

Full Moon June 14: these food supplements to stay in top shape

Just as fashionable as stones, there are food supplements. Widely used by anxious and stressed people, these are natural remedies that completely nourish a diet. Warning: to benefit from the effects of supplements in an optimal way, a healthy lifestyle is mandatory (exit, therefore, alcohol, sleepless nights and any other excess). For sleep, we recommend the ” Dodo cure 1 month easy sleep » D+ For Care. To regain energy, especially after the passage of a Full Moon, let yourself be tempted by the supplements ” energy of Hygea. Its composition? Ginseng and Maca, ingredients traditionally recognized and used to help physical and intellectual performance. In another context, CBD is also a significant boost to get back in shape. And it’s at kayak where are the best products? We think of the “Rise and Shine” anti-stress cure, perfect for getting rid of morning stress, or the “Happy Gummies”, candies to chew on to maintain a good mood throughout the day.

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Full Moon June 14: products to avoid its effects

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