Losing your teeth: what does it mean?

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Have you dreamed that your teeth were breaking or that your precious teeth were torn out? It could be a sign that something that scares you is setting in. It can be a favorable evolution (like the child loses his teeth because he grows up). But beware, this can also be symptomatic of a reversal or an unfavorable situation. We take stock.

Dream about losing your teeth, what does it mean?

Many of you dream that you lose your precious quenottes, but maybe you will find yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: you dreamed that a dentist or an ill-intentioned person pulled out your teeth;
  • scenario 2: you dreamed that you suddenly lost your teeth during a conversation;
  • scenario 3: you dreamed that you had a particularly unsightly toothless smile;
  • scenario 4: you dreamed that your teeth were “melting” or “breaking” generating a feeling of anxiety.

Dreaming of losing your teeth: what does psychoanalysis say?

Freud’s vision

As always, the founder of psychoanalysis establishes a link with sexuality. According to Freud, losing your teeth is a sign of a sexuality repressed by shame and self-loathing. Perhaps you have unacknowledged fantasies or simply the fear of losing something important? For Freud, the teeth are the representation of the genital apparatus. Losing your teeth would refer to the idea of ​​losing your vagina for a woman or your phallus for a man (sexual impotence). This dream is common in times of romantic separation, moving or bereavement. The pioneer of psychoanalysis associates the expression “wobbly teeth” with masturbation (by association with the verb “wank”).

Jung’s vision

For Carl Gustav Jung, losing your teeth is, more generally, accessing change. In children, the loss of teeth is a sign that they are emerging from childhood. Later, in adults, the loss of teeth symbolizes the aging or wear and tear of the body. The loss of teeth underlines an evolution which can frighten the dreamer who needs to be supported. Indeed, it is not uncommon for this dream to be accompanied by a feeling of discomfort.

Dreaming of losing your teeth: what to do about this dream?

“The dreamer must first try to remember as many elements as possible present in the dream. Some could have been repressed unconsciously. Each element must be interpreted at several levels both from a symbolic point of view and according to of his personal history”, indicates the psychologist Samuel Mergui and founder of the Psychorama youtube channel.

If you dreamed that you lost your teeth:

  • You should ask yourself if there is any change or development that frightens you. This dream is a sign that you may need support in this turnaround;
  • it may also be a sign that you are in a dangerous or harmful situation for yourself. Prolonging this situation could have adverse consequences on both physical and mental health. Thus, the popular belief that equates dreams of losing teeth with a bad omen may be partly true. Indeed, this dream appears as a warning sent by his unconscious to the dreamer: it can be a sign that he must invest himself in another way in his life, under penalty, in the long term, of falling ill ( physically or mentally).

Dreaming about losing your teeth should call your attention to a change or something “not right” in your life. It may be a job that does not fulfill you or no longer, a spouse who has become unbearable from whom you would like to separate, dating that you consider harmful, bereavement or a breakup from which you cannot recover…

If you have dreamed that you lost your teeth during a conversation, it can be a sign that you have “a grudge against someone” or that you have a secret or an opinion that you cannot tell.

“Tooth loss is one of the recurring dreams. If you have had this dream, it may be interesting to talk to your psychoanalyst about it as part of your analysis. Indeed, the analyst will identify the elements of your life that can explain this dream. In psychoanalytic theory, the dream is a natural process during which the unconscious expresses itself. It reveals to those who analyze it their unconscious desires, their inner conflicts and their deep anxieties”, according to Samuel Mergui, psychologist .

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Losing your teeth: what does it mean?

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