The zodiac sign of series characters, an aspect not to be overlooked for astrology fans

(ETX Daily Up) – The character of characters in TV series is often analyzed by budding astrologers on social media. And it is better not to disappoint enthusiasts who notice every detail. Because making a character true to reality now involves matching their astrological sign to their personality.

It’s not new, astrology is a trend that can be found everywhere and which is now taking hold in the series. The scriptwriters therefore have a new criterion to take into account to determine the personality of their characters.

The series “Astrological guide to broken hearts”, released last October on Netflix, is proof of this: the series are increasingly turning to the stars. This Italian fiction has twelve episodes, one per sign, which follow a young woman in search of love. She will trust the advice of her astrologer and meet a man of each sign to find the one that suits him. The series did not have the success expected by Netflix, but pleased astrology fans by being true to the clichés.

Viewers are increasingly interested in the personality of their favorite characters. When the date of birth is given by the scriptwriters and the character of the characters fits perfectly with the traditional clichés of their signs, it makes the character more faithful to reality. This is for example the case of Stiles from the series “Teen Wolf” which corresponds well to the character of Aries or Damon from “The Vampire Diaries” which has the attributes of Gemini. The writers were right and avoid angering the astrology fan community on social networks, which always tries to justify the actions of a character thanks to his sign.

But sometimes Internet users are not happy with the choice of birthday date. Very recently, it was Will’s sign in “Stranger Things” that caused debate. Born on March 22, Will is therefore Aries, but everything suggests that his character is that of a Gemini. He is quite mysterious and has a certain duality due to his passage in the upside-down world, far from the dominating temperament of Aries. A small hiccup that the screenwriters had not seen coming, but which did not escape the community of astrology enthusiasts.

To go even further, many sites offer to help you discover which character you are according to your astrological sign. They are based on the personality and characteristics of each character. It’s often a simple analysis of the character, but it works very well because it once again takes up the well-known clichés of the signs.

This phenomenon is growing, each new character is analyzed and you can find detailed sheets that specify what their sign is according to their date of birth or character. This will certainly push the screenwriters to pay more and more attention to the birthdays of their characters, so as not to disappoint the pros of astrology.

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The zodiac sign of series characters, an aspect not to be overlooked for astrology fans

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