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Published on January 12, 2023 at 3:15 p.m.

This Thursday, January 12, 2023 officially marks the end of retrograde Mars. The opportunity to reconnect with your vital energy to stimulate a new dynamic in your daily life.

And suddenly, everything comes back to life. Did you feel like you were stagnating, slowing down, not finding the strength to get out of bed every morning? Take a moment to breathe, because everything is about to change. The most Cartesian will say that it is the cycle of seasons. Winter is a period of withdrawal, of mildness, made for cocooning. The approach of spring therefore gives us little by little a smile. Astrologers have a completely different reading: what if everything was linked to Mars? In the sky, the red planet embodies vitality, ambition, strength, enthusiasm and above all the desire to do battle. It symbolizes Mars or Ares, god of war. In astrology, it therefore instills in each of us an unparalleled combativeness. It is to it that we owe our momentum, our initiative and sometimes even our risk-taking. Problem, since October 30, 2022, Mars retrograde. His energy was therefore minimal and his influence somewhat dissipated. Well, that was before. The planet finally resumes its direct course on January 12, 2023. Enough to learn from a slump to find a more lively dynamic. Decryption.

How to explain the retrograde of Mars?

If you are probably familiar with Mercury retrograde, know that it is not the only planet to play tricks on us from time to time. While all the planets move forward and move across the sky daily, sometimes their trajectory deviates slightly. A recurring phenomenon known as the retrograde of the planets. More concretely, when a star enters orbit, it visually gives us the impression of turning around. From an astrological point of view, the energies of the planet are then diminished.

With Mars retrograde, it is our energy that pays the price. It is then a question of questioning oneself. To ask yourself how to put more heart into your actions? Retrograde Mars invites us to act with more awareness. Is it really a good idea to move in this direction? Am I truly in agreement with the decisions I make? Do I have the right strategy to carry out this project that is close to my heart? In short, Mars retrograde forces us to think before we act, to put things into perspective by weighing the pros and cons before saying yes and taking the plunge.

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Retrograde Mars and its effects: what lessons can we learn from this period?

The influence of retrograde Mars in recent months may have raised some fears. There are perhaps projects in which you did not dare to embark on? Ideas and patterns that you let go of because you didn’t feel aligned or no longer aligned. Whether you realize it or not, the effects of Mars retrograde may have transformed the way you think and the way you want to act. “Sorry, not sorry, but I won’t be able to come tonight”, did you respond to the last invitations from your loved ones, because you just wanted to watch the rest of your series. “I really want to accept this new mission, but I don’t know where to start”, you would say to your girlfriends when you debrief your working day. “I could go get some fresh bread, but it’s cold so I’ll settle for an improvised omelette with leftovers from the cupboard to stay warm!” You had the impression that you weren’t going very fast, that you were dragging your feet… Except to get in quickly and slip comfortably under your duvet.

No worries. This state of mind has invaded almost everyone. Put the laziness on the account of Mars retrograde and see how it has allowed you to empty your mind. At the end of each Mars retrograde, it is customary to say that if you have listened to your body and your heart, you are now able to know what you want and what you don’t want anymore. Is it giving you more time for yourself? Is it the desire, on the contrary, to reconnect with your loved ones by offering them to sign up for a sports class every week? Everyone has their own conclusions. Anyway, this Thursday, Mars resumes its direct course in Gemini to offer you a new impetus. A page turns. “If you felt hindered in your associations or if you had trouble motivating yourself, this phase is now over. It’s time to get back into action and do what you really want,” says Farah Sahbi in her “Astromagical Diary”. Icing on the cake, Mars is also the star of sexuality. Your libido should then wake up to promise you hot nights. Don’t wait any longer and take the plunge!

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Mars retrograde, it’s over for 2023: here’s the lesson to remember – Elle

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