Leo, Sagittarius, Aries: who are your good partners at work? – Here is

Passionate, Fire signs don’t get along with all the other signs. Who should Leo, Sagittarius and Aries partner with at work? What signs should they watch out for? We tell you everything.

Sagittarius Optimists (November 23-December 22), the majestic lions (July 23-August 22) and the charismatic Aries (March 21-April 19) have common points linked to the Fire element: a intense and passionate characteras well as a a certain disposition to get along with the Air signs.

Leo: the natural leader

Courage, strength, nobility of spirit and pride : these are the main characteristics of Leos! In a professional environment, this Fire sign shines with its natural leadership. Leo, with a sometimes elusive character, knows how to put yourself forward and maintain good relations with your colleagues. At work, Leos get along wonderfully with Aries go-getterswith whom they can befriend and with the intrepid Sagittarius. This other sign of Fire will bring him a certain flexibility in his relationship to professional life. Be careful though to discreet Capricornwith whom the compatibility at work of Leo is disastrous: Capricorn will have fun driving Leo crazy and provoke it all the time. To learn more about the Lions: discover How to live with a Leo man on a daily basis?

Sagittarius: the great philosopher

Sagittarius, with an all-fire, all-flame character, is one of the smartest fire signs : this great philosopher dreams of the impossibleand has a unfailing tenacity, which does him a lot of service in his professional life. Qualities highly appreciated, both from a professional and friendly point of view, by Aries energetics, another Fire sign. Once these two are reunited, nothing stops them: these life-and-death colleagues motivate each other to achieve their goals. Conversely, impossible for a Sagittarius to work with a mysterious Scorpio. These two are impossible to put together on the same team without create friction… even a great frustration! To learn more about Sagittarians: discover All About Sagittarius Love Compatibility.

Aries: the pro of independence

Extremely proud, the natives of this Fire sign have a immense ability to concentrate in order to achieve their goals, which can be of great service to them when running their own business. Determined, enthusiastic and adventurous, Aries knows how to make his business profitable with the other signs of Fire, but has a very weak compatibility at work with the signs of Water and Air. At work, Aries must indeed be wary of the emotional Cancer : difficult for these two to understand each other, and many misunderstandings are to be expected. To learn more about Aries: discover Aries man, how to seduce this great enthusiast?

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Leo, Sagittarius, Aries: who are your good partners at work? – Here is

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