Here is the zodiac sign that will have the worst year in 2023

According to the predictions of the famous astrologer and medium Claude Alexis, the year 2023 will not bode well for this Earth sign.

2023 will be a challenging year for the sign of Virgo. In any case, this is what our specialist in astrology Claude Alexis affirms, who also holds a web TV dedicated to clairvoyance. According to his predictions, the year to come will be placed under the sign of challenge and laborious efforts for these natives.

Virgo’s astral sky will force her to test her fighting abilities. This will be an opportunity to bring out the best in your sign and your intimate. And don’t admit defeat. Anything that doesn’t kill makes you stronger.

Too perfectionist, the natives of this sign are also rather optimistic and sociable, appreciated by those around them, pleasant to live with, but with a formidable enemy: you are perpetually in control.

By fearing the slightest rebound, you will miss many opportunities in 2023, and this for several months, in the face of upsetting planets that will put a spoke in your wheels.

But when summer is near, the wheel will turn in your favor. But again you’ll think ‘it’s too good for you’. And your Earth sign will keep you from rising to a form of lightness.


Tormented hearts, tumultuous relationships, Venus will not be your friend in 2023. I feel troubled and tormented times. The arrival of Venus in Scorpio during the last trimester will bring desires for destruction but also for inappropriate seduction. The beautiful love story you dream of will not be for 2023.


2023 will force you out of your comfort zone. At the beginning of the year, you will have to show your ability to make decisions, not to isolate yourself. And yet, you will feel an immense sense of loneliness that will make you cringe even more inside yourself. With a feeling of incomprehension on all sides. From obstacle to obstacle, the planet of strength will force you to move and surpass yourself professionally.


On the money side, you will have a fairly stable budget but which will not allow you to overindulge. Beware, however, of the turbulence and unforeseen events that could arise during the year and upset your financial forecasts.


You will not be in top form. With morale rather at half mast, the end of the year will be trying from October. Don’t lose sight of your goals and stay confident.

Virgo friendly signs in 2023: Light-hearted Libra and dependable Capricorn can help you bounce back and get through the bad times.

Advice from Claude Alexis

Why don’t you want to rely on luck? You will have to trust your lucky stars and manage to let go if you want to start the second half of the year by bringing back the good energies. To end the year better than you started it.

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Here is the zodiac sign that will have the worst year in 2023

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