Friday October 14, 2022 horoscope

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This day could be even better than the previous one. Facing you, Venus is highly valued and you could meet someone and fall under her spell. It is also possible that we will do everything to seduce you. And there it will not only apply to the love domain, we can also try to seduce you to accept something, for example.


Your sector of work is occupied by three planets, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. If with all this you are not happy with what you are doing or if you do not have very pleasant relations with your colleagues… But we can also think that you have tender feelings for a person that you all see day, at work or elsewhere.


The moon is still with you, today it forms a good aspect with Venus and with the Sun. You will therefore be sensitive to beauty, to artistic expression, but you can also have your heart beating faster. This especially concerns the first and the second decan. For the 3rd, the dissonance of Neptune is always a source of excessive worry or work.


We have seen on several occasions that the planets in Libra light up the sector which represents your interior, the house, the family. It turns out that the influxes are excellent and that your family affairs, the small conflicts that there may have been are perhaps in the process of being resolved. Libra is always favorable to agreements, to the resolution of crises.


The harmony of the day between the Moon, Venus and Saturn is favorable to those of the end of the 2nd decan, born around August 11th. Count 3 days before and after. For some time, you feel more the weight of loneliness, or you have brakes on all sides. But that is not how you will feel today, even though your freedom is still restricted.


The planets in Libra are well aligned today and they confirm the fact that you need to give yourself more pleasure, more time for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes a little time out of your work, believe me, it won’t suffer. You do everything well, and often you are even ahead. Use it to relax.


First of all, it’s a good day! Several planets are well aligned with your sign and Venus, your ruler, is herself in good aspect with Saturn. Either you are reassured financially, or it is your loves that prove to be stable and reassuring. On the other hand, for some, the situation is likely to see you idealizing a little crush (3rd decan).


The planets that are well aligned today could tell us that you have a secret crush, something that you want to keep warm without sharing it with anyone. It is not excluded that it is the fruit of your imagination, the person not being free or being already engaged elsewhere. But you don’t really mind.


Be grateful to Venus for she will brighten your day. Someone will please you a lot, maybe make you laugh, and you will have feelings for him/her that you will find strange, because they will not correspond at all to those you usually experience. However, it seems that something or someone is obstructing…


After the Sun, well, Venus forms a good aspect with Saturn. It is not impossible that you will receive money, the fruit of work done some time ago. But Venus also manages emotional issues and it happens that she plays a role in a reconciliation, or in the signing of an agreement in the private or professional domain.


You should benefit from the nice situation this Friday, you will feel at the top of your skills and besides it is possible that you will have signs of recognition. The prospect of a short trip or a weekend with friends could also make you happy. But your feelings will also be in the foreground, with a feeling of well-being, of fulfillment.


Your sensitivity is accentuated by the situation, everything will affect you today and it is in your interest to protect yourself, to put on a kind of shell, so as not to be too affected by the problems that others will share with you. You will also find that they are more willing to share their worries than things that are going well!

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Friday October 14, 2022 horoscope

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