Capricorn: find out which are your best astrological compatibilities

If you are Capricorn, or ascendant Capricorn, here is a little overview very general your compatibility with other signs. Indeed, the agreement between two people is not based solely on the sign or the ascendant. To establish your astrological compatibility with someone, it is normally necessary to do what is called a synastry, that is to say a comparison between the positions of your planets on the day of your birth (taking into account also the place and time of birth) and those of your partner.

Your Top 5 compatibility

BULL : he is your privileged partner, the one who will never abandon you and who will bring you the certainties you need to let yourself go and love without reserve. Her torrid sensuality will be a revelation for yours, which is just waiting for a climate of trust to flourish.

CANCER : it’s your complementary sign, the one that holds what you lack, in particular the ability to express your emotions. He will therefore force you to break down your defenses and show how sensitive you can be. You will protect each other mutually, but it is you who will take the lead in the relationship and who will be softened by its somewhat childish sides. But he must not abuse it, you might get bored.

VIRGIN : you have a lot in common, starting with your realism and your pragmatism. Your relationship will be all the more constructive as you make the effort to be more communicative, both of you. However, beware of a tendency to quickly become encrusted in reassuring habits, but which are a little sclerosing for your feelings. We will have to work on their expression…

SCORPIO: you will get along well with this reputedly difficult sign because it will know how to force your defenses and make you forget all caution. It can even allow you to become aware of your shortcomings and to evolve more quickly. Sexuality will be the cement of your couple and you will be happy to discover that you can vibrate to the fullest.

FISH: it’s a beautiful combination of signs, you will gain a lot from letting a Pisces into your life. It will teach you to feel instead of think, to touch, to come closer instead of farther away. Your union can be solid, especially since you will have many common interests: politics, social affairs, for example. But his tendency to run away from certain responsibilities will annoy you.

With the other signs

RAM : you rely on time and think before you act, whereas Aries is impulsive and impatient, as one of your parents may have been. You are, on paper, very different. And yet your couple can work very well, ambition being your fuel for both of you. Together, you will feel your back grow wings.

GEMINI: its lightness and fantasy can seduce you, but on the fidelity side it is not ideal! However, this is one of your main requirements in terms of a couple, you can only let yourself go in an atmosphere of total trust. Your union will hold if you have enough love to close your eyes to its little failings.

LION : After the dazzle of the first few months, you will find it hard to bear his boastful side, his way of staging his life and highlighting details that are not important to you. For his part, Leo will blame you for controlling yourself too much and not knowing how to have fun. But, it is clear that you would have a lot to learn from each other and that if you put in the effort, your couple could be interesting.

BALANCE : despite appearances to the contrary, you have a lot in common and your union may turn out to be more stable and solid than expected. However, gentle Libra will reproach you for not being tender enough and for only thinking about your work, when she knows how to make allowances. For your part, you could get tired of his eternal hesitation before a decision to make.

SAGITTARIUS: your child’s soul could adore this character for whom borders do not exist, while you see them everywhere! But his need to play with the limits, to take risks and even to show off, will force you to face an old enemy: the fear of insecurity and abandonment.

CAPRICORN: humor will save you from everything, and especially from boredom! Because two Capricorns together may find it difficult to communicate and show tenderness towards each other. But we can have surprises and it is your ascendants who will tell you about your ability to surpass each other.

AQUARIUS: you will wonder where this crank comes from and be fascinated by him. You will experience intense, offbeat moments that will leave you with lasting memories. Or that will serve as the basis for a solid union, as long as your Aquarius has a bit of a bottle. His extreme idealism and his demand for freedom will not be very comfortable for you, however.

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Zoé Lafont writes Version Femina’s horoscope every week. Born into astrology and trained in psychology (she holds a DESS in clinical psychology and a DEA in clinical and experimental psychopathology), she offers a humanistic and benevolent approach. You can find her on Instagram, on Youtube and on his website.

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Capricorn: find out which are your best astrological compatibilities

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