Astrology: here is your method of breaking up according to your astrological sign

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Everyone reacts differently to a breakup. All types of emotions are involved. But astrology can help you see things more clearly. Here is your breakup method according to your astrological sign.

A breakup is never easy to experience and get through. Especially since we all handle them differently. But no matter what type of relationship you’re in, it’s always unpleasant, even heartbreaking, to let go of the person you love or care about. A bond of hope is broken. And this moment can be really complicated to live. When this relationship ends, it can be difficult to know how to react. While some cry all the tears in their body, others manage to manage their emotions and quickly move on. What if astrology could help you see more clearly in your way of leaving someone? Here is your method of breaking up according to your astrological sign. You will have understood that your zodiac sign often defines the way in which you deal with heartbreak. And knowledge can help you better understand this difficult stage.

Aries: change is good

Of all the signs, Aries is the one who best understands the need to forget the past, in favor of change and the future. Her optimistic and impatient nature allows her to fully embrace change and what lies ahead.. Known as one of the most independent zodiac signs, they will therefore be quick to move forward no matter the circumstances. In the event of a breakup, the Aries will therefore not hesitate to express his emotions in a passionate way. And his courageous nature can help him quickly put this past relationship aside.

Taurus: slowness and regularity

As an earth sign, Taurus has a reputation for being set in its ways and routine. And when he is in love with someone, it is very difficult for him to let go. Thus, a breakup can be particularly difficult for a bull to handle. Indeed, in addition to losing the person, he also loses the stability of the relationship, which was one of his priorities.. But once the worst is over, this sign will tend to give way to introspection. The rebuilding process will be slow but it will come out much stronger.

Gemini: fear rhymes with excitement

Gemini has a free spirit. He is therefore not afraid to rush headlong towards change. Although a breakup causes a big change that can be uncomfortable, this zodiac sign quickly manages to adapt to it.. Surely due to the fact that he fully understands that love can be fleeting and unconscious. And when he separates from his/her partner, he will tend to examine all the future possibilities that are offered to him. Gemini therefore goes through the healing process much faster than other zodiac signs.

Cancer: empathy at the heart of the rupture

A water sign, Cancer is deeply rooted in emotion and sensitivity. Especially since it is a very empathetic sign. That’s why a breakup can be doubly painful for cancer. Quite simply because he feels his emotions but also those of his/her partner. Once Cancer brings someone into their life, their care for that person doesn’t stop when the relationship is over.. During a separation, it is therefore important for a Cancer to think of him, without thinking too much about the feelings of the other.

Leo: Pain Becomes Gold

The Leo sign was born to lead and love. His personality and his way of evolving in the world can have a dramatic and larger than life side. After a breakup, he does not hesitate to let his feelings take center stage. And he doesn’t mind, unlike other zodiac signs who tend to hide their emotions. Very intense, the lion understands that feelings need to be felt. He looks for the good side of things at all costs to be able to bounce back easily in the future thanks to new adventures and a next dream.

Virgo: lack of control

Virgo is THE most perfectionist sign of the zodiac. Thus, a breakup can be very difficult to live with. For good reason, she will find it difficult to let go and will feel like she is completely losing control.. But as an earth sign, logic is also at the heart of its thoughts. She will want to understand everything about the reasons for this breakup in order to see where and how things went wrong. His goal will be to improve the situation for the next time. However, his pain and sorrow will be immense. But she will want to take advantage of it for the future.

Libra: Love Always Triumphs

The zodiac sign Libra seeks above all balance. She seeks harmony as well as to evolve with fluidity in her relationships. Thus, a breakup can be a real shock for her because she has not had time to weigh her different options.. Especially if this separation is brutal. Especially if it is not on his initiative. In this case, it will be even more difficult to collect. But once the scale has had time to reflect and recalibrate, its optimism is clear. She likes order and knows perfectly well that the end of a heartbreak is acceptance.

Scorpio: loyalty of feelings

Scorpio knows full well that a breakup can be the sign of a radical and intense transformation. As a water sign, it represents sex, death and rebirth. He remains very comfortable with change. And although it is sometimes painful to let go of his half, the scorpion is aware that a breakup has a higher purpose than it seems. But if he is able to understand this loss and to intellectualize it, it remains no less painful.. The important thing for a Scorpio is not to repress his feelings, but to let them express themselves.

Sagittarius: Pure Optimism

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is a fire sign. Thus, his personality translates into dynamism and spontaneity. Freedom-loving, he does not want to deprive himself of pleasure. After a breakup, Sagittarius is quite capable of acknowledging their sadness, while quickly moving on mentally.. This astrological sign basically resists any form of commitment. Yes, a breakup is sad, but it’s far from the most painful thing for a Sagittarius. He will simply seek to extract as much joy as possible, no matter the situation.

Capricorn: Responsibility Above All

Capricorn is an earth sign known for its loyalty, ambition, and determination. So he probably invested a lot in this relationship and in his/her partner. His skilful nature helps him move forward with great clarity. He knows what he deserves and just like other responsibilities in his life, a break up will be done with consistency and consistency. Capricorn will tend to approach this separation as a to-do list. Namely slowly, but surely, until it is complete.

Aquarius: Healing Is Difficult

Ruled by innovation, humanitarianism and originality, Aquarius can sometimes seem detached. He sees life with an eclectic and progressive outlook, which makes him naturally independent. Therefore, he lives, most of the time, at his own pace. And once the relationship is over, it can be really hard to know how he feels and connect to his emotions. But having his loved ones nearby can eventually help him manage the situation better, more appropriately. Her friends can remind her to stop rationalizing her pain and feelings.

Pisces: the mix of emotions

The fish represents dreamy and fleeting qualities. He is intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, sensitive and slightly psychic. He willingly plunges into the depths of his feelings. Thus, he is not afraid of pain since he is intrigued by all types of emotions.. Which can be a double-edged sword and cause him to process the breakup much longer than necessary. Conflicts are particularly intense for a fish. It can be important to keep your feet on the ground and not get overwhelmed.

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Astrology: here is your method of breaking up according to your astrological sign

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