Lorient – These songs that celebrate Lorient!

  • 1 “Sons of Lorient”

  • “Heads held high and proud, warrior looks, the Hakes will make the opponent tremble” The FC Lorient anthem, composed by the group Soldat Louis in 2011, has become, in a few years, essential. Hake supporters quickly adopted it. “The old song had become a bit outdated. It was good to do something new. We wrote the lyrics and the music in a fortnight”, told us, in 2011, Renaud Detressan, founding member of the group Soldat Louis.

  • 2 “Lorients”

  • “When the sun sets on the quays of Rohan, I sing of my melancholy at the port of Lorient”. With “Lorient”, taken from his 1995 album, L’oiseau noir, the Lorient singer Michel Tonnerre, who died in 2012, signs a sublime ballad. To listen and re-listen.

  • 3 “The Girls of Lorient”

  • “My god they are pretty” Who? “These are the girls of Lorient, pretty”! Unavoidable ! Performed by Djiboudjep, on the album Chants de marin, in 1977, this title has been taken up by many groups. We could also have mentioned the song “À Lorient, la jolie”. A whole repertoire of sailors!

  • 4 “Let’s go to Lorient”

  • The city of six ports also has its bawdy song, with “Let’s go to Lorient, fish the herring”. Here too, several performers have taken over the charming lyrics of this title. After the famous quartet Les Frères Jacques, Pierre Perret notably recorded his own version.

  • 5 “The Lorientaises”

  • After the bawdy song, the drinking song! “The Lorientaises are like lobsters. They all have red and black ribbons. The guys from the fleet would like to see them. To kiss them on the mouth at night. A catchy chorus, a joyful tune. And let’s party until the end of the night!

  • 6 “The song of the guys from Lorient”

  • Another sailor’s song, this time revisited with Rum and Water sauce, this Lorient duo made up of Guillaume Yaouank on guitar and Vincent Le Grumelec on piano. To the tune of a musette, “La chanson des Garçons de Lorient” gives pride of place to all the districts and streets of Lorient. We can easily imagine the evenings… in Lorient of these two musicians!

  • 7 “Lorient”

  • More recently, the Lorient group Mask Ha Gazh released, in 2016, “Lorient”, in its album Experience. The title pays homage to “the city of Breton angels”. Logic for this Celtic rock group which has been participating in the Festival interceltique for almost 20 years.

  • 8 “Lorient”

  • Another title called “Lorient”! In 2020, Rémi Roquet, 30, had no trouble finding inspiration for this song. The artist oscillates between rap and slam and delivers, in this piece, a true declaration of love to his hometown. Guitar teacher in Nantes, he likes to meet his brother, who lives in Rennes, during weekends and holidays in Lorient. His music video is set in the fishing port and was shot by his brother Vincent. [L’article de Céline Le Strat]

  • 9 “The mysteries of Lorient”

  • Last title of our selection referring to Lorient. In 2021, the Parisian electro duo, He is naughty, is inspired by Brittany for his first album. His piece “Les mysteries de Lorient” remains, indeed, very mysterious, with a collaboration with Narumi Hérisson, who signs the chorus in Japanese. The title speaks of the meeting of a Japanese spirit with a Celtic spirit.

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    Lorient – These songs that celebrate Lorient!

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