Lidl transports its customers with its new world caterer range!

Lidl customers are likely to be thrilled. And for good reason, the brand is offering a new world caterer range.

To celebrate the arrival of summer and thus take its customers on a journey, Lidl has decided to bet on a catering range from around the world. Culinary journey assured… MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Lidl pulls out all the stops

It’s no secret that Lidl is establishing itself as the leader in small prices. Always very attentive to its loyal customers, the brand never hesitates to offer the best offers. Thus, they can take advantage of a wide choice of products at discounted prices. For their greatest happiness.

Moreover, lately, the Lidl teams seem to be stepping up their efforts. Always more creative, they then offer completely crazy offers. To start with its Bluetooth speaker for less than 13 euros. Yes you are not dreaming!

But that’s not all. If the brand seems to rely on high-tech products, it does not forget develop its various ranges of household appliances. Besides, a coffee machine for less than 14 euros landed on its shelves. Something to delight the biggest fans of caffeine.

It must be said that the start of the school year is fast approaching and that many expenses may be necessary. Lidl has therefore decided to come to the aid of all households that may be struggling to make ends meet.

And for those who are not lucky enough to be able to travel, or for the most fearful of the plane, Lidl has announced the release of a new world catering range. MCE TV tells you more!

A new catering range from around the world is coming

Needless to remind, Lidl never does things by halves. Indeed, the famous brand often has the habit of going all out. Very attentive to the needs of its loyal customers, it does not forget to bet on many new products for the arrival of summer. And yes, the latter really leaves nothing to chance.

While some are lucky enough to travel, for others, it is impossible to clear their minds far from home. So, Lidl is trying to remedy that. It therefore offers swimming pools at very low prices and does not forget to sell barbecues to make the best grills of the summer. Yum !

But today the band has decided to focus on gastronomy to take its loyal customers on a journey. Indeed, on its Insta account, the chain announced the arrival of a new catering range from around the world. As a reminder, the latter is not at its first attempt. She has repeatedly bet on different flavors from around the world. Something to delight the most greedy and curious.

Indeed, on his Insta account, Lidl said: “Want to escape for the meal? Wednesday it’s the return of the caterer of the world range. On the program of #Bibimbaps, #nems or Lebanese #mezzes: there will be something for everyone! » Yes, just that!

One thing is certain, Lidl has not finished surprising its loyal customers. But what will be its next novelty? They just have to be ready. To be continued.

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Lidl transports its customers with its new world caterer range!

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