Here it all begins: what awaits you in episodes 551 and 552 of Monday, December 12, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”, Lisandro makes a deal with Teyssier. At the Institute, the Secret Santa is launched. Zacharie amazes his students.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, December 12 in Here it all begins…

Helena goes to see Lisandro at his place to discuss. The latter regrets the situation: according to him, there was a misunderstanding because Teyssier decided to keep him at the Institute. However, Helena confides to him that she went back to see the school principals in the morning and that they both seem to agree to replace him. She adds that she is very interested in the position for several reasons. First of all, she wants to adopt a child and needs a permanent job to build her file. Then, this kind of position does not run the streets in the trade. Lisandro understands her motivations, but warns her that he does not intend to let himself be fired without reacting.

He goes directly to management to hold Myriel and Teyssier to account. The latter declares that he has indeed changed his mind and that he prefers to keep Helena, not only to replace him, but to participate in the mixology championship since she was champion in the past. Myriel therefore gives Lisandro her dismissal letter with immediate effect.

Lisandro then goes to Double A, where he announces to Deva that he has been fired and that she will have to fend for herself from now on. He reassures the young girl about her skills. Deva gathers his troops. David can’t help but celebrate Lisandro’s departure. Samia also believes that this is only fair, unlike Amber and Deva.

Later, David goes into Teyssier’s office. He meets Helena there and flirts with her openly, boasting in particular of representing the Institute at the mixology championship. The director, who joins them late, takes care of the introductions. He thus announces to David that Helena is going to replace him as a candidate during the competition, but that he will have the right to be his assistant. The young man is disgusted.

For her part, Rose confronts Antoine about Lisandro, whom she continues to defend. She also insinuates that Antoine wanted to fire him only because they had an affair, which his companion firmly denies. Rose then goes to Lisandro to hear from him. The latter recognizes the seriousness of his gesture towards David, but he considers that the consequences are disproportionate. He fears he will never find a job because Antoine has told everyone what happened. Lisandro understands that his only chance of reintegrating the Institute is to bring him some prestige. At the last moment, he decides to register as a candidate for the championship, confirming to Helena that he is determined to win it in order to rebuild his reputation…

The next day, in the amphitheater, the president of the jury explains the course of the mixology championship, which consists of three eliminatory rounds. The first is a demonstration of bartending flair to music. The second is the creation of a cocktail in harmony with a dish. Finally, the third is a surprise. Teyssier then calls each candidate, of the number of eight, of which Helena and Lisandro are part. A little behind, Rose pretends not to be aware of Antoine’s questions.

Lisandro then goes to Double A to check on Deva. He realizes that the young girl manages very well on her own. As he has the right to two assistants for the competition, Lisandro asks for the help of Amber and Deva. At the same time, Antoine arrives in the restaurant and reminds Lisandro that he no longer has the right to set foot there.

Lisandro therefore approaches Teyssier to whom he offers a deal: if he wins the championship, he regains his position. The director agrees on the condition that it remains a secret between them. Lisandro also asks him for another favor: that of being able to train at Double A.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, David learns that Deva and Amber have agreed to help Lisandro for the contest. He does not understand their position. The young girls go to Double A to train with Lisandro. When Amber misses a figure, she gets a blow from her teacher. The trio decides to take a break. Amber goes out for some fresh air. Deva tries to reassure Lisandro, who admits to being under pressure. He reveals to her his bargain with Teyssier. Deva swears that they and her friend will give it their all.

Deva then joins Souleymane at the CDI, where she is challenged by Samia and Ethan, who reproach her for her attitude towards Lisandro. Defended by her boyfriend, Deva feels she doesn’t have to justify herself. However, Souleymane confesses that he does not understand why she takes the risk of having a bad reputation just to help Inesta. Deva then confides to his friend all the stakes behind the championship…

On returning home, Souleymane notices that there are tensions between Rose and Antoine. The latter assures him that it will settle down. Both men complain about Lisandro’s influence on women. Souleymane tries to test the waters, but he realizes that his father has no idea of ​​Lisandro’s plans. He finds David in the park of the Institute to tell him about his worries about Deva. Souleymane goes so far as to inform him of the deal between Teyssier and Lisandro. Sure to have revenge on his hands, David warns his entire promo on their private messaging group…

Hortense wants to organize a Secret Santa and convinces Mehdi. Vic and Billie, who overheard their conversation, express their desire to participate as well. If Hortense initially refuses that Vic gets involved because of their differences, she ends up accepting, out of respect for the spirit of Christmas. Hortense therefore has the members of the group draw a name. By coming across Vic’s first name, Hortense tries to exchange her Secret Santa with someone else, in vain.

In class, Vic admits to Billie that she came across her sister’s first name, whose reactions she is still apprehensive about. Billie sympathizes, but thinks she has come across worse: Teyssier. Moreover, this one passes in front of their work plan and severely criticizes their realization.

At the Economat, Hortense tells Jasmine and Mehdi that she doesn’t know what to give Vic. Jasmine recommends a website specializing in gift ideas.

The next day, Livio notices the complicity and the alchemy that binds Gaetan and Salomé. When he encourages his friend to try his luck with the young girl, he replies that he has already done it and that he caught a wind. However, he still hopes that a rapprochement will be possible between them as they have the same tastes on everything.

Later, in sports class, Gaetan surprises Lionel and Mehdi in the middle of a conversation about Secret Santa. Lionel still hasn’t found a present for Salomé. Gaetan intends to give him an idea to help him.

For her part, Billie takes up the challenge by offering a gift to Teyssier: a framed photo of him. The school principal is extremely touched by his gesture. Lionel can’t get over it.

At the end of the day, the whole group gets together to open Secret Santa’s presents. Jasmine receives vegan make-up from Mehdi, Salomé receives Alexandre Dumas’ Grand Dictionnaire de cuisine from Lionel, while Vic receives a scented candle from Hortense. In return, the latter receives a children’s watch which she openly laughs at.

Annoyed, Vic leaves. Billie takes Hortense aside to point out her misinterpretation of her sister’s gift. The watch symbolizes their childhood memories. Hortense goes back to see her sister to apologize for her behavior. They reconcile.

During this time, Salomé thanks Kelly and Laetitia for having helped Lionel for his Secret Santa gift. However, the mother and the daughter declare that they have nothing to do with it. Salomé then guesses that Gaetan is behind her gift and thanks him. On the other hand, she wants to make things clear by specifying that they will remain friends.

Chef Landiras brings together the third and second years to prepare, in pairs, a dish inspired by Christmas, without any constraint, except that of being original.

When Greg asks Eliott to pair up with him and he accepts, the young man is over the moon. As he knows that Eliott does not like Christmas, he takes the initiative to save him from thinking about a recipe by offering to make a trompe l’oeil in the form of a gift. Eliott finds the idea interesting. They combine technique and creativity to make it happen. Very motivated, Greg discreetly confides to Lionel that he does not intend to confront his ex about his kiss with Jude, so happy is he to find their complicity and their fluidity in the kitchen.

For her part, Kelly offers Jude to work together. The young man entrusts him with his idea inspired by snowflakes. On the same wavelength, they create a fresh and light dessert that melts in the mouth like a snowflake. They are based on a translucent Japanese dessert, inside which they insert a bourbon vanilla panna cotta snowflake with fir extract.

At the time of the tasting, chef Landiras is very satisfied with Eliott and Greg’s dessert. It then goes to that of Jude and Kelly. The chef is then deeply amazed. Seeing that Eliott is also very impressed, Greg issues a criticism before changing his mind. However, he is hurt to hear Eliott tell Jude that his dessert has reconciled him to Christmas…

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Here it all begins: what awaits you in episodes 551 and 552 of Monday, December 12, 2022 [SPOILERS]

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