Châteaulin – In Quéménéven, 400 spectators taste at From’Fest

We never get tired of From’Fest. The 5th edition of this festival on a human scale has, once again, delighted the 400 spectators (maximum gauge), the 40 volunteers, the five groups and, of course, the cheese farmers who, via the Fromagerie du Bout du monde (Guipavas), supplied more than 100 kg of this raw milk nectar. A dozen varieties, served at will, to delighted festival-goers. Sitting in the grass or at a table at a round ball serving as a standing table, they taste cheese and organic wines while the children play and the musicians too (Galeine, Volt, Bops, Solar Project and Eighty).

“I jumped for joy! »

“We live in Landivisiau, but we do our shopping by following the Fromagerie du Bout du monde, by Sten Marc. So we didn’t hesitate to come here”, say Juliette and Thibault who, with friends, are trying to guess the provenance of the eight cheeses on their plate. Those who do not find ask others. For his part, Maël, 11, was not very excited to come to From’Fest. “But when dad told me the cheese was all you can eat, I jumped for joy! “, he launches with his mouth full.

We keep the same formula

The mayor of Quéménéven, Erwan Crouan, who came by bike (not even electric), is also thrilled. “There is everything I like here: meadows, grass, cheese and music, all in the rural world”, he sums up, taking lots of photos as usual. . The city councilor reminds us of the meteorological luck enjoyed by From’Fest: “Since its creation in 2017, it has never rained. Except in 2020… when it was cancelled, due to the pandemic.” Let’s not cry victory. In 2067 for the 50th anniversary of the festival, a few drops are announced. In the meantime, Ronan Le Palud, one of the organizers, announces that “the 6th edition will take place under the same conditions, with a capacity of 400 people and unlimited cheese”.

Châteaulin – In Quéménéven, 400 spectators taste at From’Fest

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