15 Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself

This year, you and your children have decided to make your own homemade Christmas decorations. Only then, you are looking for ideas. Follow our 15 DIY Christmas decoration ideas.

More than a few weeks before Christmas. We don’t know you, but we, we look forward to arrive at this time of year. Find your family, share convivial moments around good meals, see the children with stars in their eyes in front of all the Christmas lights, etc.

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For this year 2022, you have decided to change your habits a bit. And for once you wish make your own Christmas decorations. A great initiative that will please your children, who love to get their hands dirty to demonstrate all their creativity. Advent calendar, fir trees in pine cones, Christmas balls or even garlands for your tree or your windows, activities DIY manuals abound. We went around the tutorials and best inspirations found on pinterest.

Advent calendar, star to hang in the tree or even small gift packages to decorate your New Year’s Eve table, we take stock of 15 Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself. DIY manual activities that will please the whole family. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to spend quality time with your family to take full advantage of these Christmas holidays.

Decoration idea 1: Advent calendar

An Advent calendar with surprise bags – © iStock

It’s not just the chocolate Advent calendars to please young and old. For more originality, nothing better than the DIY Advent calendar workshop with the surprises of your choice. Nothing could be simpler: pack little surprises bought in stores at a fixed price (1€, less than 5€, or the amount decided), as well as packets of sweets. Write the corresponding number on each paper or packaging and place them in a beautiful cardboard box, a basket or on a small custom grid. If you have a few spaces left, you can suggest activities for your child: a pillow fight, preparing a mountain of pancakes, reading a Christmas story, etc. Whatever you were to me in the 25 boxes of your Advent calendar, know that it will be unique and that its recipient will be delighted to discover a little personalized surprise every day. And for the more manual among you, you can make a more complex Advent calendar in the shape of a train.

Decoration idea 2: The Christmas wreath

A DIY Christmas wreath – ©iStock

It’s a simple decoration to make and can be done all in wood or with several decorative elements. We prepare the base of the wreath with branches of wood. We add fragrant fir branches or not, pine cones covered with coloring or not, cinnamon sticks, slices of dried orange, stars, glitter, etc. All these decorations are held on the wood using glue or a fastener. That’s it !

Decoration idea 3: Santas

Santas to make at home – ©Istock

It’s a Christmas decoration that would go perfectly on your table of New Year’s Eve. For this, nothing could be simpler, all you need is wooden washers, paint and a black pen. Paint the top of the wood slices red and the bottom white. Let dry. Once the wooden slices are dry, draw Santa’s face with a black pen. Everyone is free to draw different faces. You can do the same with snowmen, reindeer, angels or elves.

Decoration idea 4: A paper Christmas village

A paper Christmas village – ©Istock

For your windows or your Christmas table, why not make a paper Christmas village? If you have a pen, cutter or scissors, adhesive and white paper, you have all the necessary materials. Print houses of different sizes on A4 paper. Cut out the houses and use tape to hold them together. You can then add a light LED garland and sequins.

Decoration idea 5: A Christmas star

A fabric Christmas star – ©Istock

To be placed at the very top of your tree, suspended with the other balls of the tree or to decorate your house, let yourself be tempted by the creation of a Christmas star. In paper or fabric, you are free to choose the appropriate material. For a fabric star, cut out the star shape twice, fill with cotton and sew the two shapes. Then embroider the patterns you want on the center of your star or on the outlines. And There you go !

Decoration idea 6: Decorated glass bottles

Glass bottles customized with Christmas LED lights – ©Istock

If you have small unused glass bottles, why not decorate them to use as candle holders? Nothing could be simpler: clean your bottles and dry them well. Stamp your designs on each bottle and let the ink dry for a few minutes. And to add a touch of color, tie a small string in the colors of Christmas to the neck of your bottle.

Decoration idea 7: Pinecone trees

DIY Christmas trees for the table – ©Istock

Why not make miniature Christmas trees? Nothing could be simpler: collect pine cones in your garden or during your walks in the forest. Paint them green and let them dry. Once your pine cones are dry, decorate them with multicolored pompoms that you will hold with the liquid glue. Plant the stems of the pine cones in polystyrene and voila!

Decoration idea 8: Christmas balls

Customized Christmas balls – ©Istock

This is one of the essential elements of every Christmas tree: the ball. And this year, it is you who will create them. Don’t panic, it’s a very simple DIY workshop that requires pompoms and transparent plastic balls. Open your plastic ball in half and place your pompoms inside. Close the ball and glue the edges of the silver hat. Let dry. Of course, you can add sequins, stars or any other small Christmas decorations.

Decoration idea 9: Small gift packages

DIY: make gift wrap. Credit: Istock

It’s not just the gifts that you find at the foot of the tree. There are also the small gift packages that we create for the decoration of the Christmas table. On the Internet, you will find many origami tutorials to create your gift packages. Remember to choose papers with Christmas colors and do not hesitate to decorate them with realistic details: ribbon, label, star, etc.

Decoration idea 10: The candle holder in the center of the table

A personalized candle holder for the centerpiece. Credit: Istock

And if for this Christmas 2022, our decorations followed the upcycling trend, you know, this recovery trend which consists of recycling material to transform it. To create the centerpiece candle holder, we need stemmed glasses. Flip the glass over onto the cardboard and draw its outline. Cut out the cardboard circle and stick 1 wooden washer on this base. You can glue a second one to give a little more height to your base. Glue the mini decorations (fir trees, snowman, Santa Claus, reindeer, angels, stars, etc.). In your glass, drop fake snowflakes. Then place the base with the decoration upside down and glue the edges of the glass to the base. Stick a candle on the foot of your glass and you’re done!

Decoration idea 11: Paper Christmas angels

Christmas angels – ©Istock

Another emblematic character of the Christmas spirit, the angels. And this time, your Christmas angels will be on cones. All you have to do is paint or color each cone the color you want. On the tip, glue pre-decorated beads. It’s up to you to reproduce the desired faces. For the wings of your angels, you just have to cut them out of colored paper or fabric. You will then have to stick them on each side of your cone.

Decoration idea 12: Embellished candles

Candlesticks in upcycling mode – ©Istock

If you plan to decorate your Christmas Eve table with candles (small or medium size), consider sublimating them. And to achieve this, decorate small glass jars where yogurt is sold. Pompoms, star stamps or fake snow, all the elements will enhance your glass jars that will contain your beautiful Christmas candles.

Decoration idea 13: A gingerbread house

Create your own gingerbread house – Credit: IstockThis is one of the flagship DIY culinary and decorative activities of Christmas: the preparation of the gingerbread house. Nothing could be simpler: prepare your recipe for gingerbread cookies and once the cooking is finished, cut out the pieces of cake that will make up your house. Then decorate it, giving free rein to your imagination.

Decoration idea 14: Paper or fabric Christmas garlands for your windows

A DIY garland with stars – ©Istock

If your Christmas tree already has its beautiful garlands, why not make garlands to decorate your windows. Fir trees, snowmen or even stars, the patterns are not lacking. On our side, we love the garland of stars, very easy to make. Cut several stars out of fabric or thick paper. Glue the stars to a thread before hanging it on the window.

Decoration idea 15: Customizing a light garland

Light garlands to make yourself – ©Istock

Last decoration idea to make during your manual activities 100% Christmas : the customization of a light garland. And it’s very easy. All you need is a garland with a weak light source and colored paper. From your different sheets of paper, cut out the desired patterns: stars, houses, leaves or fir trees. Glue them to your light source, taking care not to stick them to the LEDs. On your windows or on your New Year’s Eve table, you can place your manual creation wherever you want.

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15 Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself

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