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You thought the yoga allowed only to develop a great conscience or to harmonize one’s body and one’s spirit? Although these benefits are excellent for our physical and mental health, this gentle gym hasn’t finished surprising us. Indeed, according to a new study, yoga would also act on hypertension by lowering blood pressure… Even on the appearance of certain cardiovascular diseases.

This is precisely what research published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology on December 07, 2022 confirms. Yes, yoga would be beneficial to your health in the event of high blood pressure. This study is based on a sample of 60 people suffering from hypertension.

The researchers therefore studied the impact of the practice of yoga on these volunteers. Yoga training, 5 times a week for 3 months.

Yoga, a beneficial activity to lower blood pressure

At the end of the study, the researchers were pleasantly surprised to see that yoga had reduced the blood pressure as well as the heart rate of the patients. It goes way beyond simple stretching!

This observation was possible thanks to the measurement of:

  • Their heart health: blood pressure, high sensitivity C-reactive protein level (hs-PCR), anthropometry, lipid level, glucose level, etc.
  • As well as Framingham and Reynolds risk scores.

In patients with hypertension, practicing regular yoga sessions in the 3-month training program was associated with marked improvements in resting heart rate and blood pressure. Similarly, an improvement in the Reynolds risk score is also observed. (Higher than that obtained with simple stretching).

This study brings an advance in the cure of certain diseases… We can indeed think about an additional therapeutic option according to health professionals! In addition, yoga can also be practiced in prevention to preserve your health.

What are the health benefits of Yoga?

  • Stimulates balance, flexibility and muscle strength;
  • Promotes deep and slow breathing, which also helps lower blood pressure;
  • Help to cultivate relaxation and significantly reduce stress levels;
  • Encourages you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to change your diet to tend towards a better one.

Do not hesitate to include Yoga sessions in your sports routine… At home, in the gym, at work, outdoors! All places are good for your training and for taking care of your physical and mental health.

So, are you looking forward to getting there too? Yoga will allow you to approach the new year with more serenity, more vitality and in awareness.

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Yoga to lower blood pressure So Healthy


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Yoga to lower blood pressure – So Healthy

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