Yoga, swimming, lifting weights…: here are the exercises you can do in the evening without it preventing you from sleeping well afterwards

Are you one of those who do sports in the evening before going to sleep? Are you really sure this is the best option to achieve your goals? According to experts, exercising regularly has many benefits for the body, skin and brain. Physical activity is essential for maintaining a stable weight and leading a healthy and balanced life. But it’s also not about rushing headlong without having thought about what is really effective for your own body.

Several options are possible and many tips are there to guide you and to help you obtain the desired results. For example, some scientific studies support that it is necessary to do 30 minutes of sport per day and others specify what to eat before and after. Finally, the question of the time – or rather, the time of day – is also an important factor to take into account when you want to carry out your physical training. It has already been shown that exercising in the morning is good for your health. But what about those who don’t have the time (or the inclination) to start their day with a gym session and who prefer to put off their sporting activity until the evening?

Can we do sports in the evening?

This is not bad in itself, but some studies show that exercising late at night can have negative consequences on sleep. It all depends on the intensity, the quantity and the time between the time of the session and the time when you go to bed. According to a 2020 report, doing moderate-intensity cardio or endurance exercise 90 minutes before bed does not affect sleep. In one study, researchers found that participants who had exercised in the evening could fall asleep completely. Additionally, in 2019, 23 sports and sleep studies indicated that exercising in the evening can improve sleep. Provided it is moderate and done at least an hour before bedtime.

What exercises if you prefer to do sports in the evening?

Not all forms of sport are good to practice, especially if you are looking to sleep better. If you want to exercise in the afternoon or in the evening, then you have to choose it carefully.
The first thing to do is to schedule your sports session so that it ends at least an hour before bedtime (even better if it’s 90 minutes before), and to choose a physical activity that is not too intense. . We therefore avoid the HIIT (high-intensity interval training), sprinting, or any high-intensity sports activity that raises your heart rate and prevents you from falling asleep.

Experts recommend practicing these exercises for at least 30 minutes, which are excellent for losing weight, building strength and endurance, and improving cardiovascular health. And above all, they will not make you lose hours of sleep! On the contrary, practicing them might even help you fall asleep faster and wake up with even more energy.

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Yoga, swimming, lifting weights…: here are the exercises you can do in the evening without it preventing you from sleeping well afterwards

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