Yoga bolster: how to choose and use this cushion?

Considered a valuable aid in the practice of yoga, the bolster is a real craze. Here’s everything you need to know about this duffel-like accessory.

the yoga is an increasingly popular physical activity. However, adopting the right postures from the start can sometimes be difficult. To facilitate the practice for beginner yogis, tools and accessories are recommended. the bolster is one of those. What is it and how do you take advantage of all its benefits? We tell you everything.

What is the yoga bolster?

The bolster, which literally means “bolster”, takes the form of a long cushion. Due to its diameter and length, it allows you to perform postures that would be difficult to do without equipment. In addition to the traditional yoga mathe facilitates stretching but also breathing because it relaxes the whole body. This accessory has been specially designed to accompany gentle yoga sessions. Especially in yin-yoga, where it comes to help open the chest, shoulders and hips but also in restorative yoga or prenatal yoga to support the body in the postures. Dynamic yogas also use it during relaxation exercises at the end of the session. In this case, it promotes the relaxation of muscles and joints.

Before getting a bolster, there are several things to consider depending on the type of exercise you want to perform. Among them, size, weight, color, quality, ergonomics and shape. There are two forms of bolster: cylindrical and rectangular. The most widespread is the cylindrical bolster, ideal for the postures ofstretching and openings. It has the advantage of perfectly following the curves of the body. The rectangular bolster is equally useful for performing asanas. The only difference is in its versatility. Indeed, it offers various heights depending on the side on which it is placed. Otherwise, you can always afford both models to multiply the possibilities. In terms of colors, you can stick to your preferences or base your choice on the colors associated with chakra in order to act on the body and the spirit. Thus, red would make you feel anchored in the present, black would help clear your head, green would be linked to stability and peace, purple would evoke idealism and purity and blue would promote serenity. interior and communication.

The yoga bolster can be used throughout the session to facilitate the realization of a posture and not as a weight or as a balance accessory. In Savasana (relaxation posture), it is placed under the knees to relax the lower back and enter into total relaxation. In Balasana Stance (comfort posture), it is positioned between the legs and the body is lying on it. The bolster will also have its place in the butterfly position. This involves sitting with your back to him, soles of your feet against each other and resting your back and head on them to make breathing easier. For the seated pinch pose (stretching posture), just place it along the legs and place the bust on it. Thus, the back will be supported with a good opening of the back of the ribs. In position Viparita Karani, with the legs against the wall, the bolster is placed at the level of the pelvis to raise the legs slightly. This allows you to regenerate and prepare the body for a restorative sleepwhen the posture is practiced before sleeping.

Which fabric to choose?

The material must also be taken into account when choosing the bolster. Generally, it is made from polyester, linen or cotton. The important thing is that the fabric is pleasant to the touch, resistant and easy to clean. The removable covers are particularly practical because they can be washed in the washing machine. The yoga cushion is most often filled with spelled, buckwheat or kapok husks, a dense fiber that resembles cotton. In this case, it adapts to the morphology and does not deform. You can also adjust the volume of the padding by adding or removing material. Keep in mind that the natural filling is sensitive to water and humidity.

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Yoga bolster: how to choose and use this cushion?

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