Yoga balls: the top fitness and pilates balls on Amazon

To perform your yoga postures or fitness exercises, you can use a ball. Victim of its success, this sports equipment is offered in different styles on the market that choosing it can sometimes be a headache. If you are considering buying one, choose from these quality models that you will find on Amazon.

What is a yoga ball used for?

The yoga ball is also called swiss ball, fit ball, gym ball, fitness ball, stretching exercise ball, gym ball, pilates ball, balance ball and many more. Originally, it was designed to meet the needs of physiotherapy. Over the years, it has become a must-have accessory listed among fitness tools. It can even be used as armchairs or an office chair.

In the context of yoga, the swiss ball is a piece of equipment that allows you to perform certain postures properly, in particular those of relaxation or breathing. It contributes to the improvement of body posture and to the correction of bad positions causing various ailments. The gym ball is also adopted in other sports disciplines to perform muscle strengthening exercises. Indeed, the use of this type of ball solicits the important muscle groups of the body. These include the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs and muscles located on the upper body, among others. In addition, the gym ball allows you to work on flexibility. It helps to develop balance, to work on the abdominal strap and tones the body. When using a yoga ball, you are bound to adopt a correct posture. This prevents any possible back pain, improves blood circulation and restores tone to your body.

The yoga ball can be used by both adults and children of all age groups. Therefore, in order for it to match your profile, certain elements must be taken into account when purchasing it.

First of all, as the swiss ball must perfectly fit the curvature of your back, you must check that its diameter corresponds to your morphology. Its size must also adapt to its use. To be sure, you just have to sit in the center and stand up straight. Plant your feet on the ground and your hips higher than your knees. In addition, if you cannot test the product, you can refer to the following indications:

  • If you are under 1.65m tall, opt for a ball with a diameter of 45 or 55cm (size S)
  • If your measurements are between 1.65 and 1.85 m, a 65 cm ball is suitable (size M)
  • If you are taller than 1.85m, choose a 75 or 85cm diameter ball (size L)

Then, the choice of a swiss ball is also based on its resistance. Your equipment should be sturdy enough to support your weight without exploding under pressure. Firmness is also an important criterion not to be overlooked when buying a yoga ball. A firm and optimally inflated model should allow easy handling and flexibility. Finally, pay attention to the composition of your ball. As it is usually made of plastic, make sure it does not contain phthalates or toxic products.

Editor’s Choice: The Anti-Burst Yoga Ball

the anti burst yoga ball from the Tresko brand is our favorite since it is a product thought out down to the smallest detail. Indeed, it is made of a material without plasticizer or BPA, which protects you from any exposure to certain pathologies. This ball is suitable for multiple uses: gymnastics, pregnancy exercises, rehabilitation, back rehabilitation, etc. It can also replace a classic office chair. Flexible, this swiss ball is your ally to strengthen the muscles of the back, legs or stomach. For your safety, it is equipped with an anti-slip system and is capable of supporting a load of up to 300 kg.

The hypoallergenic gym ball

the mirumb gym ball is suitable for the practice of yoga, pilates or other physical exercises. It is made of quality PVC. Its material is hypoallergenic and respects the environment. Light and manageable, this ball has a weight ranging from 1,000 to 1,400 g, depending on the size chosen. We recommend this equipment for its well thought-out design. It has undergone a high-performance anti-explosion test, which avoids unpleasant surprises when using it.

The yoga ball with pump included

Are you looking for fitness equipment that is efficient, safe and practical? We offer you the Bodymate yoga ball. In premium PVC, this accessory is designed using an anti-burst technique and in a robust material. In addition to its use in sports, it can also be adopted as a daily office chair. Safe, this swiss ball has a rough surface preventing any slipping. In terms of practicality, it comes with a manual pump that allows you to inflate it quickly. This ball also comes with a free ebook containing several types of exercises that you can perform.

The small size yoga ball

Some fitness or yoga exercises require the use of a fairly small ball. If you are looking for this type of equipment, we advise you to choose the fresion mini gym ball. With its diameter of 25 cm, it is easy to handle for both adults and children. Entirely designed to prevent bursting during use, this ball supports a weight of up to 100 kg.

The yoga ball for a complete workout

Whether you practice pilates, fitness, yoga or body shaping, the yoga ball with inflation straw is the one you need. This product offered by the Cikyner brand has dimensions of 23 or 26 cm and supports a load of up to 200 kg. Its outer layer is non-slip, which prevents you from injuries when practicing your physical activity.

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Yoga balls: the top fitness and pilates balls on Amazon

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