Yoga at home to limit urinary leakage

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  • Yoga to reduce urinary leakageYoga to reduce urinary leakage

A study recently published in the journal Urology reports that daily at-home yoga sessions via a mobile app improve the frequency and severity of urinary leakage in nearly 80% of people within weeks.

Improve the frequency and severity of urinary leakage in two months

This small study was conducted by questionnaire among 258 subscribers of the “Yoga of Immortals” app who experienced loss of bladder control of various types (leakage of urine due to inability to reach the toilet in time or after sneezing, coughing or laughing; or a combination – and all types of urine leakage severity). Among these 258 participants1 of the daily 30 minute sessions allowed to 76% of them to feel much better ” after a month.

A significant improvement of the frequency and some severity of urinary leakage was also reported after two months of use.

During the study, those with the most severe urine leakage also reported the greatest improvement in activity of daily living and quality of life.

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Meditation, breathing and yogic postures for the pelvic floor

While urinary leakage affects up to 30% of women, they are rarely treated and, when they are, the treatment often has significant adverse effects and is therefore poorly followed, or even abandoned. In this context, it should also be known that behavioral therapies and perineal rehabilitation have more effects than drugs, according to clinical data.

The app2 tested in this study offers audio and video sessions of meditationexercises of breathing specific and yogic poses engaging the pelvic floor. However, incontinence and urinary leakage are often linked to a relaxation of the perineumthe yoga can be a big help to help re-muscle that hammock of muscle that controls the opening of the bladder.

If you can’t practice yoga during indoor classes, this type of application allows you an easy daily practice that can be tried if you suffer from urinary leakage. You can also try it in addition to an existing treatment or more specific courses.

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(1)- From twenty-three different countries and aged between 18 and 74 (the majority of whom are women and between 18 and 44).

(2)- Paid application on its “yoga of immortals” modules, which you will find under the name “Shiv YogTM”. Other free applications of the same type exist, even if they do not all benefit from such specific or scientifically proven protocols.

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Yoga at home to limit urinary leakage

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