Yoga: 5 influencers to follow closely according to your practice

To help you sort through the thousands of very active yoginis on social networks, here are 5 influencers to follow closely:

Acro Yoya with Ola Jas

Ola Jas is a very active personality within the famous collective The Parisian Amazonsfounded by Caroline Nagel.

Yoga teacher, entrepreneur and artist, Ola Jas is trained in several techniques, ranging from Thai massage, Vinyasa yoga, Organic yoga Flow, through therapeutic and acrobatic acro yoga, her great specialty.

Ola Jas defines this practice as “an act of presence, and above all as an act of freedom, where one loses all notion of space and time”. An ideal method for those who wish to flee at all costs the too technical aspect of Yoga, to give way to letting go.

On Instagram, more than 10,000 yoginis follow the colorful adventures of the young woman who is as luminous as she is inspiring.

Family yoga with Nadège

Mother of two little girls, Nadège is also a yoga teacher, nursery nurse and author. Its account A natural love is aimed at parents who wish to introduce their children to the practice of yoga, with gentleness and pedagogy.

On his Youtube channel, the entrepreneur shares free videos to introduce you to the practice of yoga as a duo, with your child for example. A fun experience to test urgently.

Kundalini Yoga with Lili Barbery

Lili Barbery-Coulon is a meditation and kundalini yoga teacher. As a reminder, kundalini embodies a primordial energy, naturally present in every human being.

On Instagram, more than 118,000 people follow the ultra-creative entrepreneur and devour her side projects… Indeed, Lili Barbery-Coulon is also the creator of a podcast entitled full presenceand author of a book titled the reconciliation.

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Vinyasa yoga and cardio yoga with The Yoginist

Caroline Perrineau mainly teaches Vinyasa yoga: a dynamic and fun flow class, with a variation of asanas to strengthen the body and mind. If the question of postpartum captivates you, you have also come to the right place.

On her website, this teacher reminds us that “Vinyasa” means ” connection of movement and breath “. For the curious, note that Caroline has developed her own method: it is a Cardio Yoga class, which alternates Vinyasa flows with repetitive and intensive movements inspired by weight training.

The objective? Attempt to eliminate the layers of control, but also to abandon our fears, our judgments, our negative discourses on ourselves. An entire program.

Facial Yoga with Dana

In a previous article, we remind you of the impressive effects of facial yoga. If this playful and effective practice inspires you, we recommend that you follow Dana on her account. @danafaceyoga. The young woman is 3 times Yogasport France champion, Bikram yoga teacher, and expert in facial yoga. On his account, you will find many tutorials to improve your skills in this practice.


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Yoga: 5 influencers to follow closely according to your practice

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