Wutao, sophrology, yoga… these disciplines that reconcile body and mind

Soul awakening & dance

If the wutao was created, it is not by chance! Cécile Bercegeay, teacher, explains: “ In addition to working on their bodies, the founders wanted to go beyond their emotions, their inspirations, their thoughts. As a result, wutao is a body art centered on the spine, where one evolves in a modified state of consciousness, and whose ideogram, of Taoist inspiration, means ” walk to meet his true face “.

How’s it going ? For an hour, we dance, we (re) become aware of our breathing and we explore our physicality. On the program, sequences, fluid movements and undulations of the spine, all punctuated by deep breathing.

The benefits We learn to listen to our body, to understand the signals it sends us to better tame it and move it.

Where to practice? Everywhere in France, information on wutao.fr.

Sophrology & gym

To indulge in sophrology or meditation in parallel with a sports activity, before, during or after, is to grant greater importance to interiority, in order to better express oneself with one’s body envelope. In the gym and in fitness, the relationship to the body is sometimes very difficult, very coded. Sophrology allows you to regain freedom in movement.

How’s it going ? Before starting your session, you perform a number of breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization exercises. Then, the course takes place in the usual way until the return to calm where we resume these same relaxation exercises.

The benefits The virtues are felt in the long term. According to Catherine Aliotta, sophrologist, director of the Sophrology Training Institute and author of the book Sophrology and sport (Intereditions), ” the practice ensures better physical recovery, since the muscles relax and the heart rate slows down, better performance, because it improves the management of stress and emotions on a daily basis “.

Where to practice? At home with online Fitness Mind & Body courses on skilleos.com (2-hour sessions); in Toulouse and the surrounding area: list of Nirvana Fitness classes on mieuxetrecorpsetesprit.fr.

Yoga & acrobatics

The exercises, quite physical, are associated with the principles of yoga breathing and meditation. This is the promise of the psychocorporal techniques of acrobatic yoga which are practiced on a hammock or in duo.

How’s it going ? The sessions generally begin with traditional yoga postures. A way to become well aware of your body and quickly chase away parasitic ideas. Then, place to exploits! During aerial yoga classes (Fly Yoga, yoga swing, etc.), we find ourselves “ perched » on a hammock and you do a series of sometimes impressive postures (upside down!)… which easily take on a very spiritual turn with the visualizations suggested by the teacher, like finding yourself in the state of a fetus in a cocoon. As for acroyoga, the practice consists of performing truly acrobatic figures with a partner. We each find ourselves in turn carrying and carried. You have to work on your calm and develop your trust in others.

The benefits These techniques improve your ability to concentrate and let go to move while being (really) connected to yourself and eliminate apprehensions (stress, fear of judgment), so that the movements become ample and controlled. In other words, we go much further in sports practice.

Where to practice? Fly Yoga: list of classes throughout France on request at fly-yoga.fr; yoga swing: in Nice at the Shawanda centre, shawanda.eu. Acroyoga: in many cities including Annecy (acroduo.fr), Marseille (acroyogamarseille.e-monsite.com), Bordeaux (yogasanabordeaux.com), Paris (acroyogaparis.com).

And also: pedal while meditating

In Marseille, at the Ió centre, somewhat special biking lessons have recently been introduced. The concept of the first cycle? Work out while meditating, until you reach hypnosis, thanks to the coach who guides the practitioners. This is for people who want to lose weight, blow off steam or improve their endurance. But how do you meditate while pedaling with energy? Thanks to a mini relaxation session at the beginning of the course, which allows you to clear your mind and refocus. For an hour, we pedal alternating rhythms and resistances, in the dark, by candlelight and LED lights, to the sound of live percussion and the voice of a meditation teacher. Info. on jesuisio.com.

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Wutao, sophrology, yoga… these disciplines that reconcile body and mind

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